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Torrent Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr

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Downton Abbey 1.0. Série. Épisodes. Pour télécharger Downton Abbey Saison 1.Sir Ian McKellen to play Gandalf in forthcoming Hobbit trilogy

One of the most respected actors of his generation has signed on to appear in a forthcoming Hobbit trilogy.

His fee was not disclosed, but the Hollywood Reporter reports that it has been revealed that Sir Ian McKellen has signed to appear in all three of the films that are being planned as part of the Hobbit series.

The reports add that McKellen will be joined by Benedict Cumberbatch, who is set to play the villainous Smaug, and Richard Armitage, who will play Thorin Oakenshield.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, McKellen said: “I’m very flattered to be asked to play Gandalf the Grey – the title Gandalf of the three of the Hobbit movies.”

“I haven’t seen any of them yet,” he admitted. “But it’s the same thing with you – you don’t understand your own work until you’ve seen them. The changes are extremely subtle – and you change in a certain way. It all happens very quickly. And I haven’t seen it.”

McKellen added that he had not seen the script “and no one has seen the script, so how can it be finished?”

When asked if he had been in contact with Tolkien’s estate, McKellen said: “No,

Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr
Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr
Downton Abbey Saison 6 FRENCH HDTV, 3.3 GB, seeders .
Feb 4, 2020
VOSTFR DRAMA HDTV. Verschafft den ganzen Genuss der HBO Serie. Eccezion für leechers. Screenshot: Çığlık.
Torrent Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr
Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr
Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr
Downton Abbey Saison 1 Vostfr
Downton Abbey Saison 6 VOSTFR HDTV, 4.4 GB, seeders .
Feb 22, 2020
– C’est le gros Caca! – Tout en Vostfr. On dirait qu’un petit p’tit bonus de choses extra vient de commencer pour le Grand Frendås… Cette voix et cette voix, c’est la voix des Lunes! Quelques gamins sont là pour chanter un petit morceau de chanson pour toi. Song : Partché de Ange – “Rousseaux” (M. Ténéré – N. Bessette).

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