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Adjusting the Resolution

Once you import an image into Photoshop, it automatically resizes it to the resolution of the file it was imported in, unless you create an Layers panel and create a reference image at the same resolution as the original.

If you need your image to be a specific size, in pixels, you can change it through the Image Size property in the Property inspector (Figure 4.1). If you import an image and your reference is at a different resolution, you will see a message at the bottom of the dialog box that tells you how many pixels are required to create the reference. Note that some of the dialog boxes are grayed out until you activate them, so you must activate the property first.

**Figure 4.1** : The Image Size property of the

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In this guide, we’ll walk through editing different types of images in Photoshop Elements. We’ll start off by providing a brief introduction to the basic tools and features of the software and follow up by explaining the most-used editing techniques.


This article assumes that you’re using Photoshop Elements 12 or Photoshop Elements 11 on a PC or Mac. If you’re using Photoshop Express instead, skip ahead to section 11.1. If you’re using Photoshop Creative Cloud instead, proceed to section 9.1.

Photoshop Elements 12 or Photoshop Elements 11, for PC or Mac

A simple tutorial like this is not possible in a desktop application like Photoshop. In order to make the most out of this guide, you’ll need a digital copy of Photoshop Elements. This guide won’t show you all of the tools and features of the software or teach you how to use those that are available. It will focus on the most common tools, strategies and techniques. If you want to learn more, this guide is part of a comprehensive Elements 21 Reference Guide.

Creative Cloud

If you’re using Photoshop Creative Cloud, just skip to section 9.1.

Initial image of Sam and Jack reading a book after a long day

Basic image editing steps

After opening an image in Photoshop Elements, go through these steps.

1. Crop.

In order to showcase the image, we need to crop it to the size that we need.

Open the image in the Crop tool (window ▸ Tools ▸ Crop or press Shift + C). Alternatively, you can use the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

2. Adjust brightness and contrast.

Lighten up images that are too dark or darken up images that are too light.

Press Ctrl + U (or Command + U on a Mac) to open the Levels panel. Slide the line underneath the Midtones tab to find the Brightness/Contrast adjustment. Adjust the Midtones by dragging the center bar to the right or left. Adjust the Shadows by dragging the line underneath the shadows tab to the right or left. Adjust the Highlights by dragging the center bar to the left or right.

3. Adjust color.

Adjust the colors to meet your liking by changing the Hue/Saturation adjustment.

Press S (or Shift + S on a Mac) to open the Saturation adjustment. Adjust the Hue slider underneath.

Original image

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.3)


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