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A good understanding of the layer system is essential to using Photoshop. The rest of the book focuses on explaining how to use Photoshop’s layers.

Like the rest of the digital world, Photoshop requires the use of a computer and Internet connection. The program is available on many computers, but it is most often loaded on a Macintosh or a Windows PC. The program works with a variety of graphics cards and a variety of operating systems.

Unfortunately, Photoshop has been the victim of many malicious viruses over the years. Though most are no longer a problem, you should ensure that your system is up to date with all of the latest patches and software updates. Another common problem with the program is the frequent updates which can suddenly remove many of your previous settings. Keeping an eye out for these problems will help maintain the integrity of your work.

Photoshop contains two main filing systems. The first is the `Documents` folder. `Documents` are individual sets of Photoshop documents. For example, if you create a new file, it is put into the `Documents` folder. Similarly, if you open a file that has been saved elsewhere, it may come from the `Documents` folder.

The second filing system is known as the library. The library is similar to the `Documents` folder except that it contains multiple sets of saved files. If you place a file in one folder, it will automatically come to life in another folder as well. The same is true if you open a file in one folder and see that the file can live in another folder; you can save the file there and it will appear in that folder as well. The library is the source for saved images.

This chapter shows you how to save your work in the `Documents` folder and in the library. The chapter also describes the various _layers_ that are used to create most digital images.

## Saving Files

To save the image you created to the computer, choose File⇒Save or press Ctrl+S. When saving the file, Photoshop provides you with a number of options for the file’s destination.

If you decide to save the image to the desktop, you simply click the Save As button, as shown in Figure 1-1, and Photoshop places the image file at the desktop location.

FIGURE 1-1: Click the Save button to save the image to the desktop.

The following sections go into more depth about saving files.

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You can edit and create images with the following features:

Quick Edit (shape tools, crop, edit and enhance color and tonal adjustments, crop and edit mask, distort and combine, curves, noise reduction, and more)

Images and Graphics (create graphics and illustrations and edit photos, shapes, text, and backgrounds)

Filters (adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters, develop curves, enhance color and tonal adjustments, enhance details, print, rotate and flip, and more)

Video Editing (rotate, crop, and trim videos)

Retouching (resize, crop, and adjust colors)

Documents (arrange and manage multiple files)

The latest version of Photoshop Elements is available for Windows.




Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

Basic image editing

You can edit and create images with the following features:Quick Edit (shape tools, crop, edit and enhance color and tonal adjustments, crop and edit mask, distort and combine, curves, noise reduction, and more)Images and Graphics (create graphics and illustrations and edit photos, shapes, text, and backgrounds)Filters (adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters, develop curves, enhance color and tonal adjustments, enhance details, print, rotate and flip, and more)Video Editing (rotate, crop, and trim videos)Retouching (resize, crop, and adjust colors)Documents (arrange and manage multiple files)

Even if you are a beginner, you can create professional-quality images with Photoshop Elements. To start the editing process, open the image you want to edit. A new window called Quick Edit will open. You can use this window to edit your image.

[click to show the mask pop-up menu] [click to hide the mask pop-up menu]

If your image is not within an image mask, you will be able to edit it.

[click to start Quick Edit] [click to hide the preview window]

If your image is in an image mask, you will need to start creating a new image layer to work with your edits. If you press and hold the Ctrl key and click and drag on the layer mask thumbnail, you will be able to edit it, or you will be able to add new image layers.

[click to reveal the layer mask thumbnail] [click to show the

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