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The main feature of Photoshop is that it enables you to work with layers that represent different types of images and to stack or merge them. By merging layers, you can make adjustments to them. You can cut off parts of an image, create and edit transparency, apply effects, and add special text effects. In this chapter, I show you how to work with all the tools and features of Photoshop and how to use layers.

Even if you work in a graphic or photography design studio, you can still benefit from taking the time to learn about the powerful yet easy-to-use tools that Photoshop has to offer. In this chapter, I show you how to get to know the skills and tools you need.

Getting Started

For the purposes of this book, I have assumed that you have Photoshop and know what it is and how to get started. Also, I assume that you have a Mac and are familiar with the interface and menu structure of your computer. If you’re new to Photoshop, check out the famous CS6 Intro to Photoshop course to learn the basics of the program and how to use the interface in order to do your job. In this section, I give you a quick overview of the tools and features in Photoshop.

Check out the free tutorials on the Adobe website for basics on all Photoshop features, including the ones shown in the following list:

Creative Suite 3:

Creative Suite 4:

Creative Suite 5:

Creative Suite 6:

I don’t intend to cover all the features of Photoshop in depth but will focus on the basics of using the program and explain how to get started. For a more in-depth tutorial, I highly recommend the free online tutorial at You can download it and study it in depth in your own time.

Considering your storage needs

When you work with Photoshop, you need to worry about your storage requirements. You need to be aware of how much storage space you have available. Make sure that the amount of storage you have is adequate to

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Adobe Photoshop, the most popular photo editing software, comes in three versions: CS, CS3 and CS4.

The Elements version of Photoshop is available from Adobe.

This guide shows how to install and use Photoshop elements 7.0.4, the latest version.

However, this guide shows how to install Photoshop on a Mac, Linux or Windows PC.

How to install Photoshop on a Mac

1. Save the file in a directory on your Mac. The file should not be changed as it can be lost or corrupted.

2. Press the space bar and select the Terminal application.

3. Type “sudo cp -Pp /tmp/Aoow32.efi /Volumes/Elements/ (where the MacBook you are installing Photoshop on is named “Elements”) then press Enter.

4. Type in your administrator username then type in your password then press Enter to install Photoshop on a Mac.

5. Type in your password and then press Enter again.

6. The installation program will launch and the computer will reboot.

7. The installation program will boot and ask you what you want to do first.

8. Press the option that says “Install Photoshop.”

9. You will be asked to sign in to your account.

10. Then, you will be asked whether to install the Mac or Windows version of Photoshop, which will add a shortcut to your application menu.

11. Then, you will be asked whether to download the updates for the various plug-ins.

12. Press the option to install the updates.

13. Then, you will be asked whether you want to link the Google Chrome bookmark to “Photoshop” and whether you want to link a file path or a folder to Photoshop.

14. Press “Yes to link file” then browse to the directory where Photoshop was saved.

15. Then, click “OK” to create the bookmark in your browser’s address bar.

16. Finally, you will be asked to select the default Photoshop application.

17. In the screenshot below, I will use the “Documents” folder for Photoshop. Press “OK” to save your changes.

18. When the installation is complete, Photoshop will begin to launch.

On a Mac, the Photoshop menu should look something like this:

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