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As of April 2020, AutoCAD is available in the following versions:

Revisions and releases

During the life of AutoCAD, various revisions and releases have been made. The versions are listed in the table above. A new release of AutoCAD is made approximately every six months. AutoCAD 2017 had 23 releases, AutoCAD 2016 had 23 releases, AutoCAD 2015 had 18 releases, AutoCAD 2014 had 12 releases, AutoCAD 2013 had 10 releases, AutoCAD 2012 had 8 releases, AutoCAD 2011 had 10 releases, AutoCAD 2010 had 16 releases, AutoCAD 2009 had 13 releases, AutoCAD 2008 had 10 releases, AutoCAD 2007 had 6 releases, AutoCAD 2006 had 10 releases, AutoCAD 2005 had 11 releases, AutoCAD 2004 had 8 releases, AutoCAD 2003 had 11 releases, AutoCAD 2002 had 10 releases, AutoCAD 2001 had 4 releases, AutoCAD 2000 had 3 releases, and AutoCAD 1999 had 2 releases.


Various Customization tools are available in AutoCAD to create drawings, plot and document PDF, manage blocks, and import and export drawing and block formats. Any user may save a drawing in a format that suits his or her needs. Customization tools are discussed in the following sub-articles:


Customization options can be set through the Windows® Control Panel, or with a series of customization options, called AutoCAD preferences, that are set and saved in a configuration file.

User interface

AutoCAD has three main views: (a) 2D Drafting view, (b) 3D Modeling view, and (c) Graphical User Interface (GUI).

2D Drafting view

The 2D Drafting view, or Design view, is the typical view in AutoCAD. It shows you what you see in the drawing window, or active drawing space. The Design view is modal, i.e., it is shown as a dialog box when you select the Design command from the Windows® menu. In the Design view, you can draw lines, curves, circles, rectangles, and text, and edit them. You can also view blocks, views, and surface styles. You can define properties and objects, modify blocks, modify paper space, generate or generate properties for blocks, and define and edit block properties.

AutoCAD 2023 24.2

The application also supports plotting on a mathematical coordinate system, thanks to the use of mathematical formulas. In the earlier incarnations of AutoCAD Crack Mac, the drawing functions could be embedded in AutoCAD but only through the use of ARX.

Windows Plug-ins

The Windows version of AutoCAD also supports a number of programming languages and API’s for automation and customizations:
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Visual LISP (VSL)
LCL (Lisp Component Library)
COM Automation

AutoCAD has supported these APIs from its first release in 1988. AutoCAD’s support for the various API’s have improved with each new release.

In Windows, AutoCAD is bundled with a development package for AutoLISP, VBA, LISP and VSL called “Interp”. Interp is a collection of development tools, including a compiler and an AutoCAD architecture for programming.

AutoCAD 2007 also added support for the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Framework 3.5.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Display the blueprint from the new AutoCAD Online Design Solution on AutoCAD Architecture:

Attach design plans directly to the object or project, and see the blueprint and details in real time. The AutoCAD Architecture feature also automatically converts blueprints to DWG files to display with other AutoCAD documents.

Create interior and exterior shapes with 3D door and roof patterns.

Accurate refraction will now display accurately in plans and sections.

Review and evaluate plans with BIM consistency. See how different project teams are working with your BIM project data.

View and compare designs with BIM consistency. See how different project teams are working with your BIM project data.

Create flexible design solutions in plan and section.

Revisit and review 2D and 3D object properties in new icons and report features. (video: 1:30 min.)

Visualize your design with new tools and features in Building Plans.

Visualize your plan using Building Plans and share the result in an online portal.

Built-in visualizations for architects.

Create non-standard or 2D-only views of 3D objects.

Create a 3D wall or roof section using a 2D visual.

Modify 3D objects, such as beams, walls and beams, using 2D visual tools.

2D Floor Plan:

Add the plan, section and elevation views to a 2D drawing, such as a paper cut-out layout.

3D Floor Plan:

Add the plan, section and elevation views to a 2D drawing, such as a paper cut-out layout.

3D Section:

Add the plan, section and elevation views to a 2D drawing, such as a paper cut-out layout.

3D Elevation:

Add the plan, section and elevation views to a 2D drawing, such as a paper cut-out layout.

Draw, edit and annotate 2D objects with the new 2D Layout tool.

Reduce or increase the area of a 2D drawing, section, or elevation.

Convert 2D to 3D:

Quickly transition 2D drawings to 3D drawings.

Resize a 2D drawing to fit in 3D.

Create and manipulate 2D geometry

System Requirements:

The game uses Oculus Rift, Vive, and Daydream compatible VR headsets. There are instructions in-game for setting up your headset to work with the game.
A RiftSkewed controller is required to play the game. The game includes an in-game tutorial to teach you how to use the RiftSkewed controller, and also includes a manual with controller setup instructions.
Oculus Rift Touch controllers, which can be used with all RiftSkewed games, will be available for purchase as a separate add-on.

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