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Baixar Filme Um Casal Quase Perfeito 4 Dublado


Baixar Filme Um Casal Quase Perfeito 4 Dublado

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What should I do to handle a mass-edits-posting user?

On a few occasions over the past couple of weeks, a user has made a large number of edits to one particular post in very short succession, and in several cases not even bothering to check spelling and grammar.
This is kind of trivial, and I don’t mind it, but it does lead to a few questions:

What should be done if the user does it repeatedly? Should a moderator step in and either lock the post (or have a system in place that will do it automatically, e.g. the same as how NAA/VTC flags work)?
Should they be contacted and asked to stop?
Should we add a message to the moderator dashboard, letting them know that there has been a number of their recent edits that appear to be using automated tools?

In the past, this may have been handled by the user having their edits rejected, but I’m asking because as far as I can tell this doesn’t appear to have happened in a long time (the only recent occurrence I’m aware of is where a user went into a post and did their mass-edits-as-automation).


This is pretty easy. If you look at the edit summary for the post, you’ll see something like:

approved in revision X by user Y (Banned: Y)

Instead of approving the edits that a user does, you can reject them using the Reject button at the bottom of the review page.
Most likely, that user will just try to figure out what the problem is, and if you leave it alone, they might eventually leave the community on their own accord.
If this hasn’t happened within about a few days, and you’re not sure why, consider asking on meta or flag the post for moderator attention.

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