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Most people in business for themselves, especially those starting out, believe they can keep their own books. Run down to the office supply store and buy today’s popular software and off they go. They believe they can save money and at the same time keep a closer eye on expenses when they do their own bookkeeping. We have found that some clients enter data, but do not review, analyze, and reconcile this data to assure its accuracy. We can help.

Many of our clients have found that in the long run, an Authorized IRS e-File Provider is not just someone who keeps track of the pennies and receipts, but a key member of your management team. When managers are asked what information they use to make decisions, their answer is overwhelmingly accounting information. With accurate current accounting information, management decisions are easier and more reliable.

Bookkeeping Services Offered:

  • Monthly Services
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Prepare Cash Disbursements
  • Prepare General Journal
  • Prepare Other Journals
  • Prepare Payroll Tax Returns
  • Post General Ledger
  • Compile Financial Statements
  • Prepare Budget Variance Report
  • Prepare Financial Graphics
  • Annual Services
  • Federal and Florida Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Federal Individual Tax Returns
  • Florida Personal Property Tax Returns
  • Annual Reports
  • Other Services
  • Accounting Software Set-Up
  • Accounting Software Training
  • Tax, Financial and Estate Planning
  • Computer System Planning
  • Assistance in Obtaining Funds
  • Business Planning and Valuation
  • Divorce and other Litigation Support
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