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EITC: What You Need to Know Before Filing

Earned Income Tax Credit otherwise known as EITC, is a federal tax credit for low income and middle income working individuals.

To receive EITC, you must have income from one of the following:
• work performed for your employer or someone else,
• work performed for yourself,
• a business or farm you own or operate, or
• some disability plans

The actual tax credit ranges from:

  • $11 to $6,269 with 3 or more qualifying children
  • $10 to $5,572 with 2 qualifying children
  • $9 to $3,373 with 1 qualifying child
  • $2 to $506 with no qualifying children


Errors can delay your refund or result in the IRS denying your EITC claim until errors are fixed.
Common EITC errors include:

  • Claiming a child who does not meet the qualifying tests for age, relationship and residency
  • Social Security number or last name mismatches
  • Filing as single or head of household when married
  • Over or under reporting of income or expenses


The IRS has special EITC rules for military members, members of clergy, those receiving disability benefits and those impacted by disasters.

Click here to access the IRS’s special EITC rules

CONTACT US TODAY or feel free to use the IRS’s EITC Assistant to check your eligibility.

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