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We’ve seen it first in the trailer for FIFA 22, but now we can see an actual demo of just what HyperMotion technology allows you to do in the world’s most popular soccer game.

In the video below, you can see for yourself just what kind of improvements FIFA 22 will bring, starting with the introduction of HyperMotion Technology.

There are a number of ways to get into FIFA 22, but we’ve picked out the three best ones to get you started.

First up, you can get FIFA 22 on Xbox One for €59.99 / £49.99 / US$99.99 (January 9, 2017). FIFA 19 has been remastered for Xbox One, and as a bonus, you get the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Starter Pack for free.

Another great way to start playing FIFA 22 is by opening a free FIFA Ultimate Team account with £49.99 of in-game currency at and then follow the link to get your key to FIFA 22.

Finally, you can also get FIFA 22 for PS4 or PC for £49.99 / US$89.99 (January 9, 2017).

FIFA 22 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) worldwide on January 9, 2017.

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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Seamless Career Mode driven by real-world data on players’ on-pitch action.
  • Unprecedented management toolset.
  • Superstar enhanced player models with millions of new animations.
  • Universe mode: a new career mode challenging fans to progress through the various parts of the globe in your Pro’s life.
  • Multiplayer – strong online functionality means you can even play online against your friends from anywhere in the world. Now play on a new level.
  • Livestreaming! Watch your pro play anywhere.
  • Orbit mode: take a look over stadiums, in the dugout, pitch or in the stands.
  • 8 goal celebrations
  • 5-on-5 and 11-on-11 gameplay modes
  • Two-and-a-half hours of Offline play with a new contextual help system
  • Favorite Teams feature that lets you play Special Events against your friends and fans


Fifa 22

FIFA is the world’s most popular, authentic sports experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders and abilities. There are five major editions each year, with new features including a connected brand-led strategy game.

The Core Game

FIFA 22 combines the award-winning gameplay and fluidity of FIFA 19 with an expanded set of tools and features from this year’s FIFA Ultimate Team™ format. There are significant differences from Ultimate Team modes, including an overhaul of player progression and a whole new approach to the FUT Draft and My Team modes.

New Career Mode

The gameplay innovations, improvements to skill moves and improvements to player progression open up more in-game customization options for players’ personal stories in Career Mode. Players progress naturally over time and earn experience points for in-game actions and skill. The Career Mode engine delivers a more rewarding experience and new options, including the ability to customise the player’s starting position and appearance on the field.

New FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) Draft, My Team and New Practice Mode

The FUT Draft, My Team and New Practice modes have been reimagined to be more accessible to fans of all types of football. With the introduction of Draft, My Team and New Practice modes, FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing. Users can now use the new groups and features to build teams, play a custom mode, or perform all of the jobs and tasks. Additional features include:

• New draft features which make it easier to create a team using strategic and tactical insights

• Game modes and a new practice mode deliver more opportunities to improve skills and refine tactics

• New, streamlined user interface for Draft and My Team modes

• Accessible and engaging career mode user interface

• New Practice Mode for custom simulations and tournaments

• Play from anywhere on the field with new features and an improved view of the pitch

• Complete goal celebrations and new celebrations

• Complete real-world off-the-ball movement, sprints and run-ins.

Over 30 licensed leagues, more than 1,000 licensed players and 38 national teams mean a deeper, more connected experience across multiple platforms. With key features and content aligned across the FIFA, EA SPORTS™ FIFA and EA SPORTS™ FIFA Street™ video game brands, there is unprecedented access to an expansive global product range. FIFA 22 features over 1,000


Fifa 22 Crack + Keygen

From the best players in the world to authentic club merchandise, we’ve reimagined FIFA Ultimate Team to bring players, teams and packs into one ultimate digital playground. FUT is your hands-on, head-to-head, all-action way to work your way up the FIFA eFootball Team ladder. FUT also includes all-new offline Team Battles, Live Events, Gameweek Leagues and a dynamic Schedule.

For the first time in FIFA history, FIFA 22 delivers a truly new and rewarding way to play on an all-new Be A Pro motion control controller. With redesigned movement systems, improved dribbling and positioning mechanics, and a new breath control system, Be A Pro delivers a more immersive, connected, and reactive experience in all situations on the pitch.

FIFA 22 for Android is now available at

Features :

Main Screen

– A true simulation of professional football complete with authentic clubs, stadiums and tournaments across the globe.

– LiveScore provides real-time game-scoring info with updates delivered right to the main menu, regardless of where the game is installed on the user’s device.

– Watch live games from around the world using the library and live-streaming functionality, including replays and clips, available from

– Favourite Live-streaming moments can be brought to the big screen as shared photos.

– Scores and stats can be synchronized between all users of the FIFA 22 app so everyone can follow the latest scores and stats in one place.

– New “Not ready for soccer” feature, which will be introduced in the next FIFA mobile app update.

– Be a Pro motion control ability can be used in FIFA Mobile.

– New “Exclusive Be a Pro Moments” feature that will be introduced in the next FIFA Mobile app update.

– New gyro capabilities – Be a Pro is like being in the stadium watching the game, anywhere in the world.

– New “Pass the Puck” feature, which will be introduced in the next FIFA mobile app update.

– New “FIFA UTM” (FIFA Ultimate Team) tool that will be available to all players in FIFA Mobile.

– New “Live Events�


What’s new:

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