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We are excited to announce that FIFA 22 adopts the new HyperMotion Technology to enhance the way we approach the movement and gameplay of the ball in FIFA. FIFA 22 will feature new animations, improved player movements, enhanced ball physics and improved ball control. HyperMotion™ Technology The gameplay itself will be set in motion using the data collected from the real 22 real-life players. Whenever a player is running towards the ball, the entire body will be animated as if you were there playing the game yourself. In short, it emulates a complete, intense football match. Improved Player Movements We have reworked FIFA’s animation systems to provide even more freedom of movement for our players. The controls for sprinting, accelerating, changing direction, attacking moves and general movement are all improved. Additionally, players are now given a moveable collar which allows for more accuracy in player movements. Players can now be more closely aligned with a screen position and to perform the right movements. Improved Ball Physics The physics engine in FIFA has been completely upgraded and is now more accurate in terms of real-life physics. Improved Ball Control A new ball control system will be introduced that allows you to manipulate the ball with greater accuracy and power. Improved player movements, improved ball physics, new animated celebrations and the new ball-control system all contribute to improved ball control. New Ball Physics The new ball physics will provide even more control in handling the ball. It allows the player to exploit his or her preferred ball control techniques. Improved Animation The new animations have been improved and match the speed of real-life movement. Improved Player Movements The animation system has been completely redesigned. The result is improved and more natural player movements that work in harmony with real life. Improved Player Movements FIFA 22 will have not only adapted to a particular version, but also to an entirely new level of gameplay – FUT 22. The game mechanics have been significantly improved and are now integrated into the game’s overall balance. That’s not all. We have listened to the feedback of our community, fan clubs, developers and fine tuning the gameplay in terms of match diversity. The two player camouflage technology will ensure that every FIFA player is competitive in all of the matches in FIFA 22.


Features Key:



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FIFA is the world’s No. 1 interactive sports franchise that is loved by millions of fans around the world. FIFA is a brand of Electronic Arts Inc. What sets the FIFA franchise apart? Football fans know that FIFA is the world’s leading video game brand, where gamers play football in more than 100 countries on over 500 million devices. FIFA Soccer is a game about football, about life in the beautiful game. The heart of FIFA is its interaction with the world’s most authentic football clubs, teams, national and regional leagues, and players. FIFA Ultimate Team is an online game played on a range of consoles, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 brings to life the most complete football game experience with 100 licensed clubs from top leagues and tournaments across Europe, Africa and the Americas, while FIFA 19 offered access to over 500 clubs, including all of the world’s top leagues and tournaments. What are the three pillars of FIFA? People – Fans play in more than 100 countries, on more than 500 million devices, across all platforms. Football – FIFA is about football, real football, the beautiful game. It’s about what makes the sport a great experience and makes it so difficult to play. Technology – FIFA is powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, which lets the world’s best players deliver the best action and control. How does the FIFA 20 feature set compare to past FIFA titles? FIFA 20 delivers a comprehensive and compelling experience. Fans can play as one of the world’s best players, on their favourite club team or as a club manager, while refining their experience with new modes like Co-Op and Ultimate Team. For the first time ever, players can compete as a club manager in FIFA Ultimate Team. New stadiums, new players and new modes for FIFA 20 provide a more fun, complete and authentic football experience. What new features does FIFA 20 add to the FIFA experience? FIFA 20 adds a number of new game modes, including the ability to compete in a club team mode with your mates in FIFA Ultimate Team and new ways to compete in Co-Op and online. The FIFA soundtrack returns with new songs, including the return of the FIFA Anthem, while the soundtrack is also filled with brand new songs and an all-new soundtrack featuring over 300 authentic songs from all the bc9d6d6daa


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Easily build and manage your very own team of footballing dream players with FUT. Earn legendary status, forge your own unique player identity and engage in live competitions. Live Match – Featuring multiple camera angles at 60FPS, complete with intuitive goal-line technology and ultra-responsive controls, Live Match brings the excitement of an open-world environment into your FIFA gaming experience. The Journey – Discover the origins and expand your experience with the new game mode, The Journey, a narrative-driven experience that sees you following a completely different path from the one in Career Mode. Play out key moments from the history of soccer and be rewarded with unique items, stories and experiences that no other mode can offer. The Master League – One of the biggest, one-of-a-kind challenges in any FIFA game, the Master League forces you to assemble the best team of soccer legends to compete with the world’s best professional players in a series of high-octane matches. Set up shop in your own stadium with a brand new story mode and a fresh take on The Journey, and look out for more details to come. Realistic Player Movement – Improved physics and collision results in better touch controls and greater variety of movement behaviours. Experience the mastery of top-level soccer players and give yourself the edge you need to complete any task. Improved Player Creation – Players’ attributes and attributes of items have been improved to make it easier to create more unique player looks. Additionally, with redesigned animation models, when creating your own player you’ll see the motion-capture likeness of the player you’re creating. FIFTY GAMES FOR THE FIFTY CENTS Live the dream with more than 50 unique leagues, 10,000 licensed teams, and 2,000 licensed stadiums. Play as your favorite national teams, or take a shot at the FIFTY GAMES. Cross-promote in your sponsor stores, create custom stadiums and use FIFA Ultimate Team to put your favorite club on the map. FIFABALL – This Free Download only gives the user an opportunity to use all the features in the game at no extra charge. Everything else is locked to make the game fair and authentic. EA is even willing to help out the user if they experience issues. If a support letter were to come from the user, EA would simply charge the user an extra fee. FIFA GOAT – This game is not free, but it is


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • SAFE ZONE: Introduces a new 3D system that helps create more controlled, enjoyable games and complies more closely to the rules of the game.
  • MOTION CONTROL: Lower the intensity of player random speed up/down movements. Make their animation less visible to the player. Maintain the realism of the movements as they occur at real speed and in various weather conditions. Able to change the speed of the animation depending on whether the player is in the air or in motion on the ground etc. Also useful for when they are reaching with their studs or when they are performing long passes.
  • NEW FIELD OF VIEW (FOV): The new field of view when looking down the length of the pitch. The new FOV will reduce the occurrences of out of bounds moments that can be perceived due to the previous FOV. This will particularly be useful for when there is more players on the field.
  • Improved breath and motion capture data: Uses real time and more accurate motion capture data, including more motions and more actions than in the previous game to enhance the FUT experience.
  • Improved Basebuilding: New build placement mechanics and options. Now use a real-time build placement map to plan and place your custom base. “Know It All” players can zoom out to take in a bigger view and more easily click on the base to place.
  • No defender tackling a player in the penalty area: If a defender runs into the attacking player in the penalty area but the scoring attempt on goal is blocked by an opponent then there will no “offside” feedback provided for the defender – the defender won’t receive any visual/audio indicator as they don’t actually touch the player.
  • Distance Sensitive A.I.: Will automatically position the players to maintain the distance to the ball rather than block off further space for the opposing team.
  • Manage the goal keeper: The keeper will now stay back and let the attackers control the game until the team has secured the goal. Will remain in position if the player is cut off from the ball and face the direction of the player running past the post.
  • Referees have a range of new judgment calls that can be used to further animate the game, providing more realistic results from the interaction between players and the ball:
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