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“HyperMotion Technology will truly deliver football at its best,” said David Rutter, senior producer, FIFA on PS4. “The game’s stadiums will come to life with hundreds of players, spectators and commentary teams giving life to the atmosphere. Throw in the power of the new ball physics and it’s an experience you won’t believe!”

Rutter went on to detail more of the new features.

The New Kicks

The most-requested feature from players that Rutter and the FIFA team have heard from is the new “new kicks” feature that will give players more control over when and how they perform the shot. With new animations on the ball and enhanced responsiveness to make it a little easier to hit, players will now be more in control of exactly what they do with the ball.

The new ball physics also provides a more realistic level of unpredictability when it comes to the placement of the ball. Players can adjust an angle, speed, spin, and control of the shot as they prepare to perform the kick.

Introducing Goalkeeper Movement

Goalkeepers can use the new “long throw” feature to create an opening for a player to attack the ball. Players can use the new “defenestration” feature to dive at the ball and move it out of the way in order to create space.

For players out of position, cover on defense becomes a new way of protecting the goal with the new “screen” option. When the screen is off, opponents can try to score with a header. When the screen is on, any headers from the opposition is blocked as it would be a shot on goal.

One of the most powerful features is the “marking system” that will allow players to check back on any player that runs through the box. Players will be able to tackle these players to stop them from scoring.

Supporting the Computer Players

Supporting the computer players means taking into account what they do on the pitch. The new defensive skills allow the players to know where the ball is at all times. Players will also be able to see where the opposition’s attacking players are on the pitch as they try to intercept and steal the ball.

“The player in the direction of the ball will be able to see the opponents and tell them to head the


Features Key:

  • Dynamic Timeless Match
    Bring the thrill of soccer competition from epoch to epoch. In the “dynamic timeless match” mode any match in history can be taken for a spontaneous trip down memory lane. It keeps your opponent’s tactics in mind, so you may find yourself defending against players of the past.
  • Game Progression
    A new decision-making engine makes changing your players easier than ever. Players will react to training, pressure and fatigue like you do, and react from the moment they step onto the pitch to the moment you decide they are available to play.
  • Tackles, Defending and Interception
    Fully immerse yourself in the fast-paced action by tracking all the physical contact that happens on the pitch. Tackle is a key part of the game, and it can be tracked using the Player Impact Engine – a comprehensive and accurate collision system.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Licensed Teams
  • Licensed Teams
  • Licensed Teams
  • Licensed Teams
  • Licensed Teams
  • Licensed Teams


Fifa 22

EA SPORTS FIFA has sold more than 100 million licenses since its launch in 1991. It is EA SPORTS’ flagship brand, featuring the most realistic, authentic and enduring sports gaming experience. FIFA is built for playability and authenticity through innovative gameplay advancements, authentic player performances and innovative coaching and training features. Add dynamic multiplayer on all platforms and the industry-leading FIFA Fan Experience* and you’ll see why there’s a FIFA in your library.

*FIFA Fan Experience – You can give your FIFA Ultimate Team™ the ultimate experience. Get the ultimate ball and track it to unlock exclusive items, unlockable digital content and other goodies.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ Features

Ultimate Team™ is a key part of the FIFA experience. In FIFA Ultimate Team™, players can build a team of the players from across the globe and across the history of soccer. Fans can then take their team into the game and play online with friends, with others in the real world, or create a custom squad with players they have unlocked.

Fans can also swap players in and out from their own squad, and then pull players from their squad to make lineups that are tailored to their style of play.

In Ultimate Team™, all players are given real-world-inspired ratings for more than 30 key attributes, giving each player the chance to show his true abilities and strengths.

In Ultimate Team™, clubs have varying earning rates and league system attributes. Clubs can compete internationally, compete domestically with other clubs from around the world or choose to focus on local competition. Clubs can also be sponsored by individual players, teams or brands.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ is available in FIFA Ultimate Team™ – All-Stars, FIFA Ultimate Team™ Offline and FIFA Ultimate Team™ Seasons.


The Season mode offers fans 12 months of gameplay. While playing Seasons, fans are always on the go. Fans can navigate their daily routine without ever having to pause, including working out, going to school, working or even just going shopping or running errands.

Fans can also get involved in their community of friends and fans through community and online events, and boost their skills in training. They can also live out their dream of being a real-life FIFA Coach and manage their player team of the future. Throughout the season, fans will participate in the FIFA New Season Experience to unlock content and rewards, which will unlock throughout the season.

The experience


Fifa 22 Free (2022)

Welcome to the new experience in football on mobile. Build your dream team from over 35,000 real players, using your Android device’s tools to customize your players to create the most powerful team possible. Play FIFA Ultimate Team by connecting with your friends via in-game features, Facebook and Twitter.

FIFA Soccer APK+Game Screenshots

FIFA Soccer Mobile APK+Game Features

Journey through the beautiful game of soccer with FIFA Soccer. Featuring new features not seen before on mobile devices, FIFA 17 delivers the most authentic football experience on Android.

Live the ultimate soccer experience on your Android device. FIFA’s redesigned game engine has been optimized specifically for mobile devices. Featuring over 350 clubs, new dribbling and shooting controls, and an all-new 3D Prozone-enhanced match engine, FIFA Soccer is the most realistic and satisfying football experience on Android.

FIFA UCL – Ultimate Club League. Add your club to the official league tables in FIFA UCL. Build a winning team and compete with over 500 other global clubs across 18 official competitions in England, Europe, South America and Asia. Every week, you will compete in real time against clubs around the world, while also competing for the title of the season’s champions.

FIFA World Cup® 2019 – The stage is set for the biggest FIFA World Cup ever. Play in the semi-finals and beyond with up to 32 players on each team. Begin your journey as a manager and compete for the World Cup title. Master your skills and strategy in new ways.

FIFA World Cup QUALIFYING – Lead your national team to the FIFA World Cup and compete in real time against up to 32 players on other teams’ rosters. Choose to build and manage your squad as a manager, or take on your friends in a ranked match.

FIFA CLUB PRO – Master your skills and strategy in new ways. Improve your skills by taking advantage of the new “Dynamic Tactics” and “Experience” features, which adapt your game and improve the experience as you grow. Earn virtual currency from playing matches, and use it to customize your team with exclusive players and kits.

FIFA World Cup Celebration – Enjoy our most beloved clubs and nations playing in exciting moments from the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA UCL Clubs – Play a collection of over 500 clubs from around the world in the FIFA UCL. Compete against clubs like PS


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