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Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager or star player in the EA SPORTS Football Club
  • Content updates further immerse you into the game
  • New Player Experience – Dress up as your favourite players as you try out your skills and unlock superstar moves in FIFA 22
  • Major new Local Pro Clubs – Featuring over 200 new players
  • New Tactics, Volleys and First Touch Control
  • UAE Pro Leagues
  • New Match Day Engine
  • New Tournament modes
  • New Online Divisions
  • New Career Mode
  • FIFA Pro
  • Cinematic Moments
  • World Class Commentary by Ian Darke
  • Breathing AI


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EA Sports’ FIFA series has become the world’s most popular football game franchise. FIFA delivers the authentic team and player experience to over 1 billion players globally and is one of the top 40 best-selling franchises of all time.


A true cultural phenomenon, FIFA is the most popular sports game in the world, with the most fun, authentic football action. Since the series’ launch in 1993, it has become the defining football brand. Packed with all of the fans’ favorite features and modes, FIFA continues to lead the way in video game football.


POWERED BY FOOTBALL™ – The FIFA franchise is back, bigger and better than ever, with the introduction of the Dynamic Digital Pass™, a revolutionary new ball control system. The Directional AI brings the game to life with a new range of intelligent defending, goalkeeping and play-calling.


FIFA Master is an all-new way to play. It brings the most passionate fan in the entire world face-to-face with the most intuitive and powerful set of tools ever created for a football experience. Perfect your skills and prepare for a new online season of FIFA Football.


The Champions Cup is back in FIFA 22 with the introduction of a completely new career mode featuring the FIFA World Cup™, as well as licensed club teams. Players can now work on their favorite clubs, and hone their ability with FIFA Master, creating a truly authentic experience.


Enjoy the most authentic experience of the World Cup™ with the official UEFA Player Events mode. The UEFA Player Events mode is packed with new ways to play the game and engage the fans. Discover incredible stories of the greatest football heroes. Build, trade and perform with your favorite players in a way never before possible. If that’s not enough, take over the entire team, load it up with stars and create your own player and club dynasty.


Whether you are a hardcore gamer or an aspiring pro, there are new ways to earn new game content, including an authentic motion-powered rewards system, FIFA Ultimate Team and a new custom training system.


FIFA 22 introduces a new season of speed and matchmaking. Play through faster, more intense season lengths


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Create a dream FUT team & take on the game’s biggest names and top clubs as you battle for FIFA Ultimate Team FUT packs, improve your squad by adding the best FUT players, build legendary teams for a more immersive fantasy experience, and dominate the competition in frenetic 5-a-side online matches.

A new story mode, dubbed ‘Next Goal Wins’ – which gives you a football pitch filled with all sorts of challenges – has also been introduced.

New lighting effects on pitch, stadium, ball, and crowd; FIFA 17 gameplay is complete at 1080p / 900p
New run animation; Player run animations provide better player control; Improved passing; Improved goalkeeper animations
New goal celebration moves; Players can run and jump whilst celebrating
Live tracking: Full spectator tracking, pitch calling and crowd information now on PC, Xbox One and PS4;
First-time goalkeeper saves are now more realistic;
More opportunities to create chances;
More natural control of players;
New pass animations;
New tricks and moves;
More moves and tricks in possession;
Improved control in tight spaces;
Improvement of the player’s stability in tight spaces;
Improved animations of players that are spinning the ball in tight spaces;
New ability moves;
More deceleration and acceleration, body twirls, foot changes, head fakes and feints;
More realistic player collisions;
Better ball control in close spaces;
Ball striking animations;
New interplay between players;
More collisions in the air;
Improvement of the accuracy and speed of the shots;
A lot more body contacts in the air;
New dribble moves and speed;
New shots in the penalty area;
Rotation features;
New off the ball actions;
New defensive and offensive cover;
Improved control of the players with new AI in free kicks and corner kicks;
New in-game behaviour of the ball;
Better ball control at the beginning of a possession;
New animations for the new ball in possession;
Realistic controls of players in possession;
Improved control of the players in possession in the air;
More dynamic interactions in the air;
Better ability to control the ball in tight spaces;
Improved body contacts;
Improved controls of the ball when the player is in a situation of pressure from several opponents;
Improved controls of the players;
Improved dribbling;
Improved positioning;
Improved ball dribbling;


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Halftime Highlights.
  • Improved AI, tactics and goal celebration systems.
  • Real top-of-the-line licensed player likenesses.
  • A new heading mechanic gives defenders more tactical options.
  • FIFA 22 patch is now available for Season Pass and Ultimate Edition owners.


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FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the world’s most popular and authentic football simulation video game series. Since its launch in 1994, FIFA games have been built on the world’s most advanced 3D animation engine, the FIFA Vision Engine™. FIFA games are known for their high degree of realism and authentic player animations.

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However, EA is making the best case they can, given the facts they have available to them. First, they have no legal obligation to reveal anything about their legal strategy, nor their “internal discussions” with the DOJ, other than what is required by law.

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Fourth, within the “over-litigation,” they are taking something that is very “likely” to fail, while relying on the “rule of law” and “court of public opinion” to get them a decision. They are also appealing to the FISA Court, seeking to have the decision removed from the public, based on something that is very likely to fail, while also seeking to get the FISA Court decision removed from their website, which has made them look like the guilty party in this case.

Fifth, the standard of “reasonableness,” not only to discuss the decision, but to get a decision at all, is entirely based on the FISA Court’s legal opinions, as well as the DOJ’s internal “discussions.” They are relying on the public to trust the opinion of the FISA Court, which it has not done in the past. Furthermore, they are presenting the FISA


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