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The CUP 2019 edition will see the introduction of a hybrid artificial intelligence that uses complex machine learning and advanced physics. This AI has been specifically designed to detect player behaviour, predict the direction of the ball and react to contact.

This is the only football simulation that allows user-controlled playbook updates. Users can also take control of their players to help manage their playing style, and take direct control of tactics and formations. With Total Team Control in FIFA 22, the user can set up formations and tactics to their liking and even assign position specific play styles to selected players, such as goalkeepers or wingers.

When employing Total Team Control, users can also call for tactical substitutions to play around the opposition. Four kinds of substitutions are available in Total Team Control: Defensive, Tactical, Technical and Style. Defensive substitutions will be made for injuries or when the match begins in a particular situation that needs to be changed (i.e. going from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 against a side that likes to play in a 3-4-3). Tactical substitutions will be used to rotate players in and out of a particular role when the team needs to adapt or switch to a different strategy. Technical substitutions will be used to highlight a specific player so they can be given an assignment to make more of an impact or in the current situation. Style substitutions will allow the user to assign a specific play style to a specific player. When substitutions are used in Total Team Control, the user must also have the rights to see the substitution window during gameplay.

Total Team Control also introduces a new feature known as Club Intelligence, which will see a full-team analysis based on past simulation results. If a team plays a certain style of football, Club Intelligence will be able to predict that team’s playstyle in the future.

When player contracts expire at the end of a season, Club Intelligence will be able to suggest how players can be better utilised in the future, based on their current performance.

If a user is not happy with their club’s Club Intelligence recommendations, they will be able to upload their own performance parameters via the Club Intelligence section of FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing Club Intelligence to provide better recommendations in the future.

Every aspect of the world’s greatest game can now be controlled on the pitch. The new Total Team Control gives players even greater control over their team for


Features Key:

  • Brand new FIFA engine brings you an improved ball physics model and dribbling mechanics.
  • The most realistic ball movement in soccer games takes full advantage of the improved physics engine. Ball control is fluid and responsive in FIFA 22, allowing for precision dribbling, and cat-like snipes.
  • UEFA Champions League club rivalries in FIFA 22 mean that you can bet on every league title race, with gameplay changes and story-driven UEFA competitions that keep the action intriguing.
  • The FUT Coins and Prestige features add even more gameplay depth, with more ways to get every player in the game.
  • Set pieces add more chances at winning a match, with both goalkeepers and the defence being forced to make more saves.
  • The all-new captaincy feature gives you more ways to take on responsibility, and give new life to your runs as captain.
  • FIFA’s all-time greatest star; Lionel Messi is in FIFA 22, with authentic AI that lets your player perform with the skills you know and love.
  • The new features and improvements to key areas like ball control, skill feel, player durability, ball physics and visual effects introduce more life into the action and keep you playing.
  • FIFA 22 will be released November 17th, 2017 as a digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.
  • FIFA 22 is also available for Windows PC in the pre-order rewards pack that is available for purchase together with the game.
  • FIFA 22 has been developed by EA Canada, in collaboration with Visual Concepts.
  • The integration of the EA SPORTS Combat Intelligence Engine gives player the means to play through the authentic vertical, horizontal and angled challenges of the one on one, goalkeeper interplay environment.
  • Open Beta features: demo for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, released on 11/14/2017. Closed Beta and Gold Master features: demo for Windows PC and PS4 (and Xbox One) released on 11/14/2017. Pre-order of the FIFA 22 Gold Standard Game features demo for FIFA 22 released on 11/15/2017.


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FIFA is the most popular, authentic football game on the planet. With its iconic gameplay that captures the excitement of the sport, FIFA has defined the genre for the last 20 years and continues to do so.

Download FIFA on PlayStation Store

What’s new in FIFA?

FIFA World Cup 2018

• FIFA World Cup 2018, starts with welcoming messages from host Russia and FIFA President, Gianni Infantino and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour from Russia.

• The host nation, Russia, is announced in the opening match in Kaliningrad. The tournament kicks off with qualifying matches in St. Petersburg.

• The tournament format is a historic 32 team, 16-team group stage followed by a 16-team knockout stage.

• The tournament is played across 12 stadiums, including new additions such as Kazan Arena, Sochi Olympic Stadium and Luzhniki Stadium.

• The tournament features new feaures like warm-up kits, commemorative decals, champion’s fans, legends and more.

• A new tournament structure features two group stages and a break.

• Teams will face opponents in three matches in each group, with the top teams from each group advancing to the knockout stage.

• The knockout stage is played in a single game, with the reigning champions facing the 2018 tournament runner-up.

• Both teams are guaranteed of playing at least one round-robin game, which will be broadcast on TV.

• The knockout stages are played over two legs and match days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

• The group stage matches feature a balanced fixture list, with one home and one away game in each of the groups.

• Knockouts are played at a venue based on seeding. Groups A1 and B2 will have the second round played at the host venue and groups C1 and D2 will have the second round played on neutral ground.

• The dates, stadiums and participants are released every Monday (except for Thursday).

• All of the stadiums that are hosting matches have been adapted with FIFA’s new 3D building technology. Fans will be able to see each stadium in game-play using the all-new stadium interiors feature.

• The new beach balls feature will allow fans to feel the match atmosphere at matches in the stadiums, along with the ability to keep up to date with the latest


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The incredibly popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode has been completely rebuilt with a refreshed, creative approach to create your Ultimate Team, combining gameplay, player stats, and social features for the best ownership experience ever. You can build your dream team from over 40 football (soccer) clubs in stadiums all over the world, and take your squad on unique journeys to compete in eSports tournaments, complete challenging daily or weekly live tournaments, earn weekly rewards, and more.

With over 1,000 players in FIFA 22, including 39 of the world’s top 50 players as ranked by Konami, EA SPORTS brings fans closer to the world’s top soccer stars than ever before. New ways to build your Ultimate Team have been created, including new Experience cards that change the game from the interaction of your cards. You can even take your Ultimate Team to stadiums around the world and take on soccer stars on your own. FIFA 22 also allows you to unlock custom kits as your Ultimate Team develops, bringing your Ultimate Team closer to their dream of representing your favorite club in the world’s biggest sporting event.

EA SPORTS Season Mode – The first ever season mode in an EA SPORTS title lets you experience the thrill and challenge of managing your club to a top 4 finish in the English Premier League. Simulate a season, adjusting your tactics, team selection, fixture list and season results to make your club an unstoppable force in the league. Focus on your club and enjoy the challenge of making last-minute deadline day signings, while enjoying a brand-new overlay, giving all the relevant information at a glance.

Delivering a game-changer for FIFA Ultimate Team and including new trial balls, the latest FIFA delivers a revolution of gameplay, graphics, and new features to make the most captivating, closest to real football experience. FIFA 22’s new signature ball, the EA SPORTS FIFA Brazuca, has been created in partnership with FIFA and the FIFA Council, built upon the base of the real-life official ball. The ball has been created by EMA-BALL, the same company that produces the FIFA World Cup™ and UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls. The FIFA Brazuca features the new white-clad Hexage® construction material that offers more strength and weight, with a traditional white contrast to bring a modern feel to FIFA gameplay.

The EA SPORTS FIFA Championship Edition and EA SPORTS FIFA 12 World Edition also include the new Adidas Adizero match ball. With the Adidas Adizero, players


What’s new:

  • Personal Team Superstar – Use the medal system in Ultimate Team to unlock custom Free Agent cards as well as all-new and improved squad building tools. Find additional ways to further customize your team with the 50 other unique player roles now available in FIFA Ultimate Team and utilize an expanded set of gold, silver and bronze medals, both retro and present day. The award system also includes a trophy system.
  • Improved in-game leaderboards – Better stats with a streamlined leaderboard system and refined scoring to create a more meaningful progression in the leaderboards.
  • New Hairstyles – For the first time ever, the men’s hairstyles for each club can be previewed and implemented as your club’s kits for individual players. Spend only 25 androgen, which come from a three-week subscription to EA SPORTS™ FIFA STORE.
  • New Transfer Presentation – With a new Presentation Style that automatically scrolls through the best players for a given position while you design, the All-Star and big named Ultimate Team cards have been redesigned.
  • Online Seasons
    • Equipment and Careers – Now there’s a deeper Customisation and Skill Progression system, new game modes, interesting advertisements and unique sets of song cues for your created player – giving you a more immersive experience for creating your team online.


Free Fifa 22 Crack + 2022 [New]

FIFA is the world’s most popular sports videogame franchise.

FIFA (1999)

FIFA (2005)

FIFA (2007)

FIFA (2009)

FIFA 10 (2010)

FIFA 11 (2011)

FIFA 12 (2012)

FIFA 13 (2013)

FIFA 14 (2014)

FIFA 15 (2015)

FIFA 16 (2016)

FIFA 17 (2017)

FIFA 18 (2018)

FIFA 2K (2001)

FIFA 2K2 (2002)

FIFA 2K3 (2003)

FIFA 2K4 (2004)

FIFA 2K5 (2005)

FIFA 2K6 (2006)

FIFA 2K7 (2007)

FIFA 2K8 (2008)

FIFA 2K9 (2009)

FIFA 2K10 (2010)

FIFA 2K11 (2011)

FIFA 2K12 (2012)

FIFA 2K13 (2013)

FIFA 2K14 (2014)

FIFA 2K15 (2015)

FIFA 2K16 (2016)

FIFA 2K17 (2017)

FIFA 2K18 (2018)

FIFA 3 (2001)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2003)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2004)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2005)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2006)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2007)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2008)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2009)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2010)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2011)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2012)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2013)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2014)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2015)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2016)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2017)

FIFA 3 FIFA (2018)

FIFA 4 (2001)

FIFA 4 FIFA (2003)

FIFA 4 FIFA (2004)

FIFA 4 FIFA (2005)

FIFA 4 FIFA (2006)

FIFA 4 FIFA (2007)



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