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Not only can you say so much more, but you can buy better professional equipment with the same money.• Commitment to improve outcomes for young refugees and promote integrated child care programs in Birmingham, AL • Envision a Birmingham where young refugees can thrive in the United States, find permanent resettlement and become the true citizens of this country • The YAFA provides a caring and comprehensive social service system with onsite rehabilitation programs, education, vocational training and community advocacy activities, as well as medical and mental health and spiritual support • YAFA services are provided in five locations to accommodate a diverse demographic of refugees. The five sites include the YAFA-SLO, YAFA Birmingham, YAFA Augusta, YAFA-Auburn and the YAFA-Clarkston site where YAFA-Atlanta offers classroom and work-based training The Birmingham Social Service Agency (BSSA), along with the City of Birmingham, the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (DHASAS), the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Division of Child Protection and Permanency, offer the following services to refugees.Q: Rename Windows Phone 8 emulator’s 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM device time zone Is there any way to change the Windows Phone 8 emulator’s device time zone, to a region where my time is not so strict? I’m in New Zealand, and the device is set to GMT+12 in the emulator. This makes the device go to sleep at around 11pm, and wake up at 1am, which is hardly realistic. I’ve checked the Windows Phone SDK documentation, but I can’t see any mention of the time zone being controlled in the emulator itself. I’m running Windows 8, with the Windows Phone SDK installed. A: As of Windows Phone 8 SDK update 1, the emulator does not persistently change the time zone of the device when emulating. You can choose an arbitrary time zone for the emulator, but these will not persist across emulator sessions (i.e. when you close and reopen the emulator). When you change the time zone of the Android emulator, it is persisted in the path you specify in the settings for the emulator, but for Windows Phone 8 there’s no such thing. Note that this is the same result as if you were to change the time zone of your device manually. Q: Cannot get JavaScript/jQuery

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