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First Install of Ubuntu – What to do post-install?

I’m assuming most of you have never installed Ubuntu before and I’d like some guidance on what actions to take.
I’ve installed Ubuntu on an additional drive on a netbook I’ve had for a few years now. I wanted to see if Ubuntu would work better on a smaller screen, even though the netbook is capable of a larger res. It was, and I love the results. My next step is to do a dual-boot between Ubuntu and Windows 8. I’ve looked at the G-Parted Live CD to see how to partition the drive, but am unsure if I should create a partition for Ubuntu and one for Windows. What is the best approach to partitioning?
When I go to dual boot, I’d like to keep the Ubuntu as clean as possible, so what steps should I be taking to remove files, apps, and installing new apps (as I’ll be doing with Ubuntu)? I assume one could remove Windows 8 and then recreate a Linux partition if needed?
Is there a way to use an existing Linux partition for Ubuntu so I don’t have to re-install all of my apps in Ubuntu, or can I just create a new partition after my install?


If you make a separate partition for each OS, you’ll be using a two-boot system. I suggest it is best to keep them separate, but technically you should be able to run your two OS’s on the same partition.
When you install Ubuntu, the

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