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Icomserialnumberyearofmanufacture BETTER 🔝

Icomserialnumberyearofmanufacture BETTER 🔝



Icom serial numbers are complex, and there are many possibilities. You will need to ask technical support .
Sep 19, 2019
I have a serial number of 504537498 and i want to find the year of manufacture. Is there a way to find the year of manufacture? On my radio the year is in the first number. .
Aug 9, 2018
Use Icom Serial Decoder – US – to see the Serial Number and the Manufacture Year, Model, and Manufacturer.
Mar 28, 2018
I want to know when it was manufactured but the only info that we have is the serial number. It is a IC-730. Are there any other information?.
Mar 12, 2018
iCOM serial number year.
Oct 9, 2016
If you are asking how to figure out the date of manufacture, it’s a trick question: there was no date of manufacture. It is a part of the serial number
Sep 3, 2018
On Icom 780’s, the year is encoded as part of the serial number.
Oct 26, 2019
I was thinking of doing a reverse engineering job to see if I can decode the year of manufacture.
The serial numbers have an extra letter preceding the two digit year. I am assuming this letter is a letter between A-Z.
. i want to know what the letter a-z are which is part of serial number.
Sep 17, 2018
I have a serial number of 504537498 and i want to find the year of manufacture. Is there a way to find the year of manufacture? On my radio the year is in the first number. .
Jun 25, 2018
There are no letters part of the Icom serial number. What does the first two numbers represent? .
Nov 2, 2020
I can’t decode the year. I was thinking of a combination of the serial number and the stored radio information. .
Oct 18, 2019
There are no letters but the “year” will be encoded. First digit of serial is the last letter in the code. Then two digits: year. .
Jan 16, 2019
If you have a serial number without letters then you can reverse engineer the years of production in the field from serial number in field. Year the first 2 digits then the letter. Example “504537498” for year 1970. Then can decode the year of production because

Icom serial numbers don’t have their own date stamped in them, but maybe this will help.
May 20, 2019
A fellow Icom collector has a serial number of 0506131.. The most obvious difference in his radio is a resin front panel.
He claims the numbers on the buttons are the year of manufacture.
Jan 18, 2019
On the WayIt:. 1. 012345678910. The Street: is there a date on this radio?.
How would I be able to tell if this was an old radio or a new one?


The 7000 that I won at a hamfest in March has the serial number of 0503131.

If you know the hamfest, you can verify the true serial number. But the serial number without the hamfest date is probably correct. (The 0503 is the individual number, and the first three digits must be the year. The explanation is at the Icom site, but for the first lot of 7000 for new individuals, there is no year stamp.)
The serial number of the UPC package is the unique number combined with the date. 1-25-89 must be a multiple of 25. If the number was a factored number, then you’d need to know the year it was made to verify that it was in fact manufactured that year.
The question is trying to find a way to determine the manufacture date for a newly purchased radio. Is there a date imprinted on the outside of the radio? The date of manufacture is not on the radio itself, and information about the date is not on the inside of the radio.
You can’t rely on the serial number. Years ago, I looked at a G5A (not the G6A) with a PN of G5A11X0 and the date of manufacture was in the serial number. I still bought it.

The UPC Code and Serial Number are located on the product packaging.

The UPC code is the unique code found on your UPC box. The product packaging on which the UPC code is printed might be one of a few, so you would need to track it down (with a UPS tracking number), but the serial number is not on the packaging.
Serial numbers on the packaging are very important. They are unique to each radio, so it’s always good to get a new one. I have made this mistake; I bought a radio

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