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IMbrella’s enterprise instant message manager is a software solution for companies who want to block, secure, control, monitor, and archive unlimited IM traffic on the company network, including: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ.
The product installs on any PC with network access in minutes (with no added hardware or desktop and user ‘touch’ required). The manager can view instant message conversations in real time, receive automated alerts on blacklisted words (and excessive usage), and link multiple offices in one central database.
IMbrella is used by companies and schools to detect the following instant message risks and liabilities: compliance violations, sexual harassment, intellectual property disclosures, copyright and patent infringement, excessive usage, and insider trading.
Harnessing the power of IM at your firm begins with understanding how your staff is already using it. IMbrella Detector is a diagnostic tool designed to uncover all public IM activity within your corporate network, revealing:
How much IM is being used? Who is using IM and when? What is being said? How many files are being transferred via IM?
Answers to these questions will provide the basis for your organization’s IM management strategy. Use IMbrella’s IM Detector to:
■ Detect excessive IM use/abuse
■ Reveal internal and external IM users
■ Summarize your firm’s IM activity stats
■ Track file transfers
■ Display live conversations from the previous hour
What’s New in This Release:
ICQ support added
■ 7 day trial







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IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager is the leading enterprise instant messaging (IM) manager for organizations. IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager blocks specific users, IP addresses and keywords for secure and transparent IM deployment and management on a single-user or enterprise network.
IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager enables organizations to uncover risk and liability; including compliance, patent, intellectual property, financial, sexual harassment, and insider trading violations. It is the only product that allows you to monitor, report, and manage all IM risk on your network. IMbrella blocks public IM traffic, and allows you to control public IM as you wish on the network. IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager is a software solution for companies who want to block, secure, control, monitor, and archive unlimited IM traffic on the company network, including: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ.
About the Company:
Imbrella protects your enterprise from liability, giving you peace of mind by helping your staff communicate in a secure and transparent way. IMbrella is the only software solution that allows you to control public IM traffic on your network in addition to the corporate network. IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager is the only software solution that gives you complete visibility into your internal and external IM traffic. IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager is used by thousands of companies around the world. IMbrella Enterprise Instant Messaging (IEM) Manager is the leading enterprise IM manager for organizations.

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Cracked IMbrella With Keygen is a web and client-based enterprise instant messaging (IM)
software solution. IMbrella Serial Key manages unlimited IM traffic on the
corporate network including AOL, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Jabber, MSN
Connect, Yahoo, Hi5, Hi5 Client for the Mac, and network and
virtual instant messaging (IM) protocols (e.g., Bonjour, Bonjour
Server, QWAIK, OpenNet).
IMbrella offers both a web-based solution and a client-based solution
and enables users to log in from a variety of locations including
simultaneously logging into multiple machines via a VPN connection.
IMbrella supports multiple users and multiple OS platforms. It
supports Windows Vista or higher, Linux, and Macintosh operating
systems (including 32-bit and 64-bit) as well as Windows Mobile 5 or
higher. IMbrella requires a network or Internet connection and has
limited support for 3rd party devices (e.g., Bluetooth, WiFi).
IMbrella is the web-based solution and enables administrators to
control, secure, monitor, and archive unlimited IM traffic from all
categories of the IM protocols (e.g., Instant Messaging or IM
Protocols, Internet Relay Chat or IRC, see
main.cgi ) on their corporate network. IMbrella is easily integrated
into any existing network and administration policies.

IMbrella Download Link:

IMbrella Installation Link:

IMbrella Detector Support Link:

IMbrella License Key:
Once you have downloaded IMbrella, install IMbrella on your
corporate network, start it, and click on the get IMbrella
Detector icon in the IMbrella main menu. Complete the online
installation process, then run IMbrella Detector.Q:

Firefox bug: missing ‘Share’ + ‘Mark as Favorite’ as soon as you ‘Share’ something?

If you take a look on the screenshot, it’s

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IMbrella is the premier enterprise-level IM control and monitoring tool. Our easy-to-use desktop and agent packages offer content scrubbing, content filtering, content archiving, and message archiving. Thousands of companies rely on IMbrella’s enterprise-level features including logging, archiving, reporting, global access control, and scalability.
IMbrella’s intuitive interface guides you through a series of simple steps to setting up and configuring your IM solution. You can find out how to use IMbrella, what the product is capable of, and how you can maximize your investment.
With IMbrella you can:
■ Control IM traffic in real time on your company network, enabling real time content blocking, archive, search, and reporting.
■ Block instant messages and websites on the web while displaying live conversations in your inbox.
■ Use IMbrella as an archiving tool for your current content and data, and as a message archiving tool for your past IM traffic.
■ Export as a database and as a list of IM sessions.
■ Easily manage multiple IM accounts, without the hassle of IM Web chat!
■ Secure your IM traffic with content filtering, reporting, and keyword whitelisting.
■ Enable global access control and granular user access control.
Product Homepage:

Office Online:

Email Contact:

This document is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.
IMbrella does not warrant the adequacy, accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, products, or services offered by IMbrella or any third-party resources it may link to or recommend.
Your use of any information provided by IMbrella is entirely at your own risk. IMbrella disclaims any and all liability for any injury or damage to property that may result from your use of IMbrella.
IMbrella gives no warranty as to the fitness of its products for any particular purpose and expressly disclaims liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use of or inability to use IMbrella.
IMbrella’s performance is subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date information about

What’s New in the IMbrella?

IMbrella is a FREE user-friendly enterprise IM manager for companies and schools.
IMbrella is designed to be a complete IM solution to control, secure, and archive unlimited instant message traffic on the organization’s network.
Businesses will no longer have to depend on a smattering of e-mail lists and instant messages for their IM communications. IMbrella helps companies and schools enforce corporate policy on IM usage.
IMbrella is a tool to detect IM use and abuse at the company level. IMbrella has diagnostic features that will find the following on the company network:
■ Who is using IM
■ When and where are they using IM
■ What are they saying
■ How much IM traffic is occurring
■ Risk assessments and compliance issues
The products on this page are NOT for personal use. Downloading any of these products will void your product’s license and membership
Terms of use:
This program is free to download and use in any one of the following capacities:
■ To use, install, and run the program on any personal desktop, laptop, or workstation computer for a trial period, and a nominal fee will be required for its purchase.
■ To use the program on a company network, please contact us for more information.
The use of IMbrella software on a company network is a cost-effective means to control, secure, and archive unlimited IM traffic in the organization.
IMbrella installs on any Windows PC with network access in minutes.
A license is valid for a specific number of installations on any number of PCs.
IMbrella is NOT free for use on a company network.
A $100 discount is available to large companies.
With each IMbrella install, the company will be asked to provide a valid e-mail address that will be used to receive communications from IMbrella.
IMbrella software can be installed on any number of PCs, but a company license is valid for only one license per PC.
On any network, you may install IMbrella only on a single PC.
If you do not have a company license for the product on that network, purchase one before installing the software.
NOTE: This version of IMbrella has limited functionality, including the following features:
■ Did not include password protection
■ Does not allow archived conversations to be searched
■ Does not allow multiple line

System Requirements For IMbrella:

Microsoft Windows XP or newer.
Memory: 512 MB
300 MB disk space
sound card/ speaker
optional : DirectX®9.0c or higher
display resolution: 1280×720
One or more of the following add-on hardware devices is required:
Microsoft Xbox® 360 controller
3. XBMC on PlayStation®4
Playstation®4 System Requirements:

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