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Larabelanguevivantepdf15 💠

Larabelanguevivantepdf15 💠



Larabelanguevivantepdf15 ·
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Could you please help me fix this?


The problem is that your actual file has too many characters. In this case, you can just use a shorter filename:
$ awk -F’\.\//’ ‘{print $3}’ In_News_Article_Questions_Advice_and_Tips.txt


What is the difference between a virtual channel and a channel alias?

I’ve been reading a few tutorials on how to manage TV channels on the latest version of Kodi, and I noticed that they both talk about channels aliases. Can someone please explain the difference between virtual channels and channel aliases?


The analogy is simple.
Imagine a radio station that broadcasts a number of channels by sub-channel
for example, Channel X music, Channel X sports, Channel X comedy, Channel X kids, Channel X news, etc.

Each broadcast is published as a virtual channel (Virtual Radio) that is also known as a virtual stream.

Channel X and Music are an alias of virtual channel X, so that the stream is a new name for the same virtual channel.

The same is true of a TV channel, a channel X and the music genre X are aliases for the same channel.

If you watched channel X at 5pm on channel X, that is 1 virtual channel.

If you watched

(logged-in) xxX larsometimes3

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