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What Is Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements helps you edit images, create new high-quality images, or both. Photoshop Elements contains most of the features of the professional version, but with fewer features, and a simpler user interface. Photoshop Elements is designed to be easy to use and incorporates learning-by-doing methods to show users how to use the tool. Several unique features of Photoshop Elements include: 12 additional editing tools for layers to help create images in different ways 20 additional filters to help in editing photos and graphics Also, extensive tutorials are provided to help get you started with Photoshop Elements. What You Get With Photoshop Elements? You can get access to the following features in the free version: Slideshow Maker Music Mixer Burn Video CD Support for programs such as Microsoft Office Adobe has tried to remove all useless features from Photoshop Elements. They also provide a database of free templates to start off. You can also choose to buy Photoshop Elements for only $29.95. It is similar to other free versions of Photoshop such as: Linux (GIMP), Linux (Gimp2.8), Linux (CinePaint) and Linux (Krita). How To Use Photoshop Elements To open a new document: On your computer, go to the “Start” menu and open “Programs”. Right-click on the program and select “Run as Administrator”. Open the file and go to “File” On the top bar, go to “Open” and select the file you wish to open. How to save a new document: Click on “File” and then “Save”. Navigate to “Photoshop Elements” and click on “Save As”. Give the file a name and a location. How to save a picture: Right-click on the “P”. Select the “Save As” option Select the folder you wish to save the picture to. If you want to share the picture with someone: Right-click on the picture to select it. Click on “Share” and choose the options: “Email” is to send the picture through 05a79cecff

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1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to an optical fiber. 2. Description of the Prior Art The strength of an optical fiber depends upon the fiber diameter. A larger diameter leads to an increase in the mechanical strength, and in particular, the strength against an external force applied in a direction along the axis of the fiber. The strength of the optical fiber to an external force, particularly to a tensile force, is measured by a prescribed test method, and the condition of the fiber is determined on the basis of the result of the test. Various proposals have been made heretofore in regard to the conditions of the optical fiber. For example, German Laid-Open Patent Publication (Offenlegungsschrift) No. 1,902,564 discloses a method of manufacturing an optical fiber having a core and a cladding formed on the periphery of the core by heating and drawing a suitable glass rod or tubes under the following conditions: (a) the glass rod or tubes have a temperature of from to the solidification temperature and a diameter of from 7 to 9 mm; PA1 (b) the drawing is performed at a speed of from 20 to 40 m/min and at a temperature of from to C., wherein the heat is applied continuously from a source having a temperature of from to C.; and PA1 (c) the cross-section of the as drawn fiber is circular. In the method, the glass rod or tubes, are heated before the drawing and maintained at a temperature of less than the solidification temperature. However, the prior art method fails to mention the influences of the drawing velocity and the drawing temperature on the core-cladding boundary condition. The optical fiber obtained by the prior art method in which the above conditions are met, has a relatively high mechanical strength and can be made in large quantities in a stable manner. However, the optical fiber usually contains streaks (strains, cracks, etc.), which have a wave-like pattern (sinusoidal pattern) on the surface thereof. When, in particular, an optical fiber is connected to an optical element such as a photo-detector, the optical element cannot fully receive light from the optical fiber unless the surface of the optical fiber is uniform and there is no defect on the surface of the optical fiber. The prior art optical fiber is unfit for use as an optical fiber to be connected

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (64-bit versions only). CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.5GHz, Intel Core i7-3770K 3.4GHz, AMD FX-9590 3.8GHz Memory: 8GB RAM HDD: 17GB available space Networking: Broadband internet connection Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB or AMD RX 480 8GB Other: RITE KIT

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