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Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool, and there is a lot of power in the non-Illustrator users that can be harnessed by increasing their Photoshop knowledge. If you are interested in using Photoshop and you’re not sure where to get started, several books are available that walk you through the basics. I recommend that you take a look at the following:

Photoshop Elements: A _How to Photograph and Photoshop Images_ book by Stephen Shell.

_Photoshop Elements 8: The Missing Manual_ by Brian Bagnall.

Photoshop Elements 6: _The Missing Manual_ by David Simkiss.

_Essentials of Digital Photography_, Third Edition, by Ronald King and Kristin Breen.

Making Sense of Photoshop

This section introduces you to the major features of Photoshop and gives you the tools that you need to take advantage of them.

Taking a look at layers

Photoshop is made up of layers. Layers are a way of getting into Photoshop that makes using the program more efficient and intuitive. Photoshop’s layers are a way to manage and organize the various elements that go into an image.

When you’re working in Photoshop, the default setting is that an image has three layers. These layers are (from top to bottom) a background, a drawing layer, and a color layer. These are just guesses by the program, however, and you can change the number and names of the layers. The first thing to do is to make some room to work by deleting any old layers, as shown in Figure 10-1. (It is advisable to keep three or four layers on the screen at once to aid in the editing process.)

The top layer is the background, the white area in the image. To make a copy of the layer, click to select the layer, right-click, and choose Duplicate Layer. This creates a second layer, appearing below the top layer.

**Figure 10-1:** Manage the layers in your image using the Layers panel.

A drawing layer, the second layer, is used for drawing and editing on the image. Dragging on the drawing layer creates a new graphic on the image. You can edit these layers if you wish. You can make a copy of the drawing layer as well by choosing Layer⇒Duplicate Layer. This duplicates the layer and places it in the layers below the top layer.

The color layer, the bottom

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Learn to use Photoshop, illustrate your work, make memes, create graphics. Photoshop has many versions and many tutorials to help you learn.

There is no need to buy another Photoshop to make memes and graphics. Photoshop Elements is your Photoshop. You can download and try it right away.

Adobe Photoshop tutorials can be done in a few minutes so they are extremely effective as a first step to learn Photoshop.

Photos by Shutterstock

In this tutorial, we will learn Photoshop tricks.

What are graphic designers and Photoshop users doing?

There are some highly popular works, especially after they are converted to memes.

For example, the range of popular features can be seen here:

The meme has been trendy for four years, and it can be assumed that many Photoshop users are familiar with it.

The basic path for making a meme is as follows:

Make a free vector image

Draw a text that is drawn over the image

The popular graphics may include a background color and the characteristics of memes.

These are the basic steps to make a meme that is created using Photoshop, so make sure to get to know how to use Photoshop.

Let’s start!

1. Free vector image with a background

In this step, we make a free vector image with a background.

1. Download the font you want to use.

Type “font” (without the quotes) in the search box on the top of the Photoshop Elements program.

2. Find a perfect background.

In the search box, type “backg” (without the quotes).

The background you see in this screenshot is a free vector background. Download it.

3. Download the image you want to use.

Choose the image you want to use. It can be downloaded from any of the sites like Deviantart or Getty. It is best to use a professional image to give the best results.

This screenshot shows a free vector image that can be used as a background.

4. Select the background.

Click on the background layer to select the background. It is possible to see the overhang menu on the top right of the screen.

Click on the empty area to deselect the background layer.

5. Fill the background with a photo.

Click on the fill layer.

6. Make the desired gradients.

To change

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I watched star trek last night and some odd anomaly hits. What’s puzzling to me is this: why would I tell my mom I’d watched it? Sure it’s a cheap ploy to get her to talk to me, but I would’ve done it for almost any other reason. I felt it was odd for me to say I watched Star Trek last night… ever had any weird thoughts to make you question that you’d tell someone you watched X or Y?

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If this is a thing that just happened for you, then you probably don’t even have to wonder. You’ll know. But if it’s something that you have had happen to you as well, there are some tactics that might help you remember when and where such a thing would come up.

I don’t have any, but it reminded me of the surreal situation that happened to me once. I told my friend that I had a sexual encounter that night (because she asked). I remembered to tell a lie.

If this is a thing that just happened for you, then you probably don’t even have to wonder. You’ll know. But if it’s something that you have had happen to you as well, there are some tactics that might help you remember when and where such a thing would come up.

The craziest thing I ever told someone else was because I won 2 tickets to see Smashing Pumpkins and I had to tell them that I’d told my friend about the tickets, and she didn’t like any of the songs so I couldn’t use the tickets.

I have a couple of stories that I have told people. One was because I was pretty sure a friend of mine was playing a con with his friend, who I had a crush on. They were giving out 5$ Finders Keepers style to people who found them. So I told my crush that he was on the list, I asked him if he was the one (he was) and he gave me 5$. Even though it was fake. I remember because at the time I thought that was really cool.

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My best friend and I had been best

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