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NmRegScrubPro Crack [Win/Mac]







NmRegScrubPro Crack+

New and easy to use registry cleaner to scan, clean and repair Windows registry.
Check your computer for appropriate requirements
.NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013
Simple, well-organized interface
.NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013
Quick scanning and cleaning of your system
Quick Scanning and repairing of the system’s registry
Create a backup for more safety
.NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013

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NmRegScrubPro Crack+


NmRegScrubPro Registration Code Free [2022]

nmRegScrubPro is a tool which can check or clean all invalid or broken Registry Key Value.
You don’t have to install any other software after running this tool.
It is 100% safe to use.
This tool is tested and verified. There is no registry error in this program.
The next screenshot shows the scanning progress.
You can view details like file name, file size, date created etc.
This tool also provides an option to repair broken registry values.
Running this program takes a very small amount of memory.

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What’s New In?

•Powershell script to scan and clean the key in Windows registry in Linux or Mac systems.
•Keyparts can be included in Exclusions. It allows you to scrub your registry without altering it and catch all those harmful false entries.
•Apply filter to each key in a huge list of files to be cleaned.
•Filters and exclusions can be saved in the.reg.reg files.

The program uses in order to define different parameters of the scan

Scan Options:

• Show hidden keys
• Show hiddent keys
• Show specific key
• Add key
• Delete key

Exclusions Options:

• Include a folder of files
• Exclude a folder of files
• Include a path to the reg file
• Exclude a path to the reg file

Additional Features:

• Scanner gets updated automatically
• New results are reported to you by e-mail
• The cleaning files can be listed and removed by simply moving the mouse
• Exclusions and filtering can be saved in.reg.reg file and will be automatically scanned during the next scan
• A log file of the scanned data is saved on the.reg.reg file to easily see the past operations

nmRegScrubPro, Powerful, Easy and Effective Registry Editor for Linux or MAC will be the right choice for you to scan and clean your registry from malicious, hacked and malicious registry entries that might cause system issues or crash your application.

To end with
All things considered, we can safely state that nmRegScrubPro is not really a pro as the name might suggest, but it does manage to detect and remove invalid or broken registries from your system. The overall design is simple and gets you quickly up and running, with a useful feature to make the application run at startup and immediately clean your computer.


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nmRegScrubPro Description:
The program uses in order to define different parameters of the scan
• Show hidden keys
• Show hiddent keys
• Show specific key
• Add key
• Delete key

• Show hidden keys
• Show hiddent keys
• Show specific key
• Add key
• Delete key

Exclusions Options:
• Include a folder of files
• Exclude a folder of files
• Include a path to the reg file
• Exclude a path

System Requirements For NmRegScrubPro:

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We will continue to make updates with new improvements and

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