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If you frequently rely on email services, you probably understand the importance of having an efficient notification tool so that you do not miss important messages.
Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to choose your favorite utility from a wide range of relevant products, such as NT Email Notifier, which can help you achieve satisfactory results in a quick manner.
Please note that this application requires Internet access on your computer so that it can provide you with its full range of abilities.
Effortless installation
Deploying this program on your system can be accomplished with minimum efforts since no additional configuration is required on your part during installation.
The only actions you need to perform while setting it up are accepting the End-User License Agreement, specifying a valid destination path and toggling desktop shortcut creation.
Rudimentary user interface
NT Email Notifier packs a simple, unattractive design that shelters a few functions, which are easy to understand, especially if you have previous experience with similar programs.
Also, you can access a configuration window that does not integrate many functions, thus providing you with limited flexibility regarding customization.
You can only set the time interval between consecutive checks, change the default notification sound, toggle the application to run on startup and enable email checking only for new messages.
Only works with POP email servers
It is possible to benefit from this application's capabilities after configuring an email box, by right-clicking its systray icon, accessing the Mail Boxes section and typing the required parameters in the fields.
Among the required details, you can find POP Server, port, login name, and password. Working with multiple accounts is an available option, you just have to create new entries for each account and select them from the combo menu when needed. Unfortunately, this application only features support for POP email servers.
Lightweight notification tool for your email boxes
All things considered, NT Email Notifier is a simple, handy application that can provide you with notifications whenever you receive a message in one of your defined mailboxes. It features a plain user interface, a rudimentary configuration menu and only works with POP email servers. On the bright side, its functions are quite intuitive and once you set it up successfully, you can easily make use of its features.


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NT Email Notifier Free Download [Mac/Win]

Synctool is a Windows software for network administrators to manage pop3, pop2, smtp email from remote host without install any new tool into your windows server/desktop.
Synctool is our “pop3 sensor” solution that can monitor and notify you about pop3 server status, check email from old email server. You do not need to install any pop3 server on your local computer. Synctool includes POP server, IMAP server, SMTP server monitoring and email notification tools. Synctool notifies user when pop3 server status is changed.
NOTE: Synctool is a SINGLE SERVER application. Do not use this software with 2 or more webmail accounts. Many people use pop3/imap/smtp email services for business use. And they want to monitor/notify their email accounts at different webmail services. In this case, Synctool is suitable.
Synctool supports batch mode. Easily monitor and notify 100, 1000 or 100000 accounts from single server.
Synctool is able to work with pop3 email services that supports ssl
Synctool supports multiple pop3, imap and smtp accounts. You can monitor or notify these accounts for your single software.
Synctool features multithread module to detect changes of multiple servers at one time. Such as new pop3 server, new imap server or new smtp server.
1. Pop3 email server monitoring. You do not need to install any pop3 servers on your local computer.
2. Download email from remote pop3 account.
3. Email notification for instant message.
4. Email notification for new mail messages.
5. Email notification for deleted or read/unread messages.
6. Email notification for new email address.
7. Email notification for POP3 account changed.
8. Email notification when POP3 server is restarted.
9. Email notification when POP3 server is closed.
10. Email notification when POP3 server is moved.
11. Download email from remote imap server.
12. Email notification for instant message.
13. Email notification for new mail messages.
14. Email notification for deleted or read/unread messages.
15. Email notification for new email address.
16. Email notification when imap server is restarted.
17. Email notification when imap server is closed.
18. Email notification when imap server is moved

NT Email Notifier Crack + Free Download [Mac/Win]

Lightweight notification tool for your email boxes.Works with pop email servers.Easy to setup and use.

No download links are provided for Windows updates, as they are published directly by Microsoft.
If you have downloaded a product listed on this site, please verify the download links before using the software.

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NT Email Notifier (Latest)

NT Email Notifier is a useful tool that can keep you informed of new messages from different email accounts. It provides you with a system tray icon and lets you select any number of email accounts from the dropdown menu and configure different email notification preferences. The program can also be useful when you need to alert you of emergency or important messages.
NT Email Notifier Requirements:
– Windows x86/x64
– Internet access
NT Email Notifier Benefits:
– Notifies you whenever a new email arrives
– Supports POP email servers
– Supports emails from different accounts
NT Email Notifier Installation:
– Install the program to your system
– Double-click on the NT Email Notifier desktop icon
– Select Configure from the menu
– Set the number of seconds between check emails for a specific mailbox
NT Email Notifier Features:
– Set notification for new e-mail messages
– Set notification for specific mailboxes
– Notify of new IM messages
NT Email Notifier System Requirements:
– Windows x86/x64
NT Email Notifier Pricing:
– Free
– $2.99 to upgrade to premium version

Elite Win XT Service offers a well-designed panel that can be used for system maintenance and software tweaks. Considering the fact that there are many free utility and registry cleaners, the paid version of Elite Win XT Service is of a high-quality and its interface is impressive. It supports more than 20 languages and even it offers a simple and intuitive interface. The software shows customizable features, allowing its users to customize the interface as desired. More, the Elite Win XT Service is compatible with the majority of the famous antivirus and malware programs, as well as other security tools. It is definitely worth checking out.

Elite Win XT Service Features:

– A well-designed panel

– Intuitive, customizable interface

– Support for more than 20 languages

– Works with the majority of the well-known antivirus and malware programs

– Works with PC security tools

Elite Win XT Service Pricing:

– Free

– $3.99 to upgrade to premium version

Elite Win XT Service Specifications:

– Free, but you can upgrade to premium version of the Elite Win XT Service

– Works with Windows 7/8/8.1/10

– The GUI is customizable

– Available in more than 20 languages

– Runs on both 32-bit

What’s New in the?

NT Email Notifier is an excellent Windows utility that is dedicated to helping Windows users to not miss important messages on their email boxes.
The main idea of this tool is to notify you whenever you receive a new message on all of your configured email boxes. Using this application, you will never have to worry about missing important messages. Moreover, you are allowed to select the time interval between consecutive notifications and also you can pick between two notification sounds.
The feature set is quite minimalist, nevertheless the selected UI will not disappoint any potential users. Moreover, the application is not very heavy in terms of system resources usage and thus, it won’t take too much RAM or CPU.
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Description: Get email notifications for all e-mail accounts
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There was a times when we used to rely on the internet connectivity to share files, articles, and other digital content but as time passed and technology develops, things changed and we have evolved from relying on the internet to connecting to other devices through your computer or other mobile devices such as PDA, mobile phone and other portable devices.
Since the usage of internet is now a common trend now and we are most likely to update the work with relative ease and access any data right from anywhere, we need to have devices that can access the internet,
Nowadays, you can connect to the internet in multiple ways,
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You will have to choose the one that suits your needs best and for that you need to compare the plans offered by the different service providers and then select the one that you want to get.
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You might have to consider different types of routers available such as the point to point connection, wireless bridge, wireless repeater and other types of connection.
When you need to have a broadband connection, you will have to use a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1.
CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core, or equivalent.
RAM: 512 MB.
Hard Drive: Free Space ~2 GB.
OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
CPU: 2.4 GHz Quad-Core, or equivalent.
RAM: 1 GB.
Hard Drive: Free Space ~5 GB.
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