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Chapter 10: Printing

It’s as ancient as human civilization, but in the age of the Internet, the production of high-quality prints is about to be redefined. While film is still the dominant medium for printing, digital printers are quickly developing, expanding, and becoming more sophisticated.

In this chapter, I present the following topics:

• A look at printing terminology and processes

• An introduction to digital printing and how to use it

• A look at printing negatives

• A quick guide to environmental printing

• A look at photo-finishing technology

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However, the popularity of Adobe Photoshop is decreasing and it is losing its market share to Adobe Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements has already lost the 15 percent of the Photoshop market share to Photoshop by Adobe, since the launch of the Elements version, having been very popular in the last years.

Adobe Photoshop is still the most widely used graphics editor around the world, and as its popularity continues to increase, so does the popularity of Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Photoshop 2019 Crash

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a script which was reported to crash Photoshop 2019. However, today I discovered a new trick to avoid the Photoshop crash bug. So, if you have been holding off on installing Photoshop from the Microsoft Store, now is the time to run it.

As I write this, there are still 4.5 million people waiting on that page.

The Mac version has been available for nearly 2 years already, so far without a crash. Thus, the chance of that happening is extremely slim.

Now that you’re ready to install Photoshop, let’s move on to how to troubleshoot the Photoshop 2019 crash bug.

Adobe Photoshop 2019 Crash | How to Fix?

Let’s start with the how to fix Photoshop 2019 crash bug, and then move on to the software.

First of all, make sure you’re on the latest Windows version. I’m currently using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, version 1709.

Make sure you don’t have any updates pending that might have caused any trouble. In my case, it was a crucial update that was causing the issue:

How to Fix Adobe Photoshop Crash Bug Using a Registry Cleaner

It seems like the critical component that Photoshop depends on is crashing. I was finally able to avoid the Photoshop 2019 crash bug by using a registry cleaner.

I’m currently using CCleaner, but you can also use other registry cleaners to avoid the Photoshop crash bug.

1. To start with, make sure you have a working internet connection and software updated on your system.

2. Open CCleaner and click on the Advanced button.

3. Select the “Scan for uninstalled applications” option.

4. A list of uninstalled applications will appear. Select the entries with the words “CCleaner” in their name.

5. Make sure that none of them includes the Adobe Photoshop software.

6. Now you

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Spinning 5Ks draw crowds in Muscle Shoals

Michael Lloyd of Muscle Shoals holds on during the 5K run in Muscle Shoals earlier this month. The race is sponsored by the Muscle Shoals Area Chamber of Commerce and one of its community partners, Alabama Bowl.

James Langdon

Runners from all over the country gathered at the Muscle Shoals Civic Center on Saturday to spin the first ever race for 5,000 people in the 27-year history of Alabama Bowl, a major community recreation and entertainment center on the banks of the Tennessee River.

“This is the start of a big expansion for the community and a way for people to share our riverfront,” said Robert Foster, president of the Muscle Shoals Area Chamber of Commerce. “We worked on this a long time. We felt it would be a perfect fit for our community and we think it will continue to grow.”

Runners who pay $5 to join the race have the option of wearing either red or blue, a marketing strategy that drew a crowd. The day’s festivities opened with morning worship at the Civic Center and wrapped up with a party and fellowship at the center’s soccer fields and surrounding area. The 5K event featured live music, food trucks, a village and all proceeds from the event will benefit the chamber’s community partners.

“They’re all coming to an Alabama Bowl,” said Dan Fry, event coordinator. “They’re all here because of us.”

Among the more than 50 runners who attended were many from the Birmingham area.

“I’ve been to Muscle Shoals before in the past,” said Monique Jackson, a Birmingham runner. “It’s really an amazing place. It’s so quiet with the river. I really like it. I like to run.”

“It was kind of crazy,” said Annie Goss, a runner from Columbia, S.C. “It was a bit different, but it was pretty exciting.”

Muscle Shoals Mayor Frank Presnell and Foster were among the crowd that watched the race.

“The turnout was awesome,” Foster said. “It’s fun to see the event and the people get excited about it. There’s been a lot of work that has gone into making it happen.

What’s New In?


In which galaxy does the Gierthorpe Gamma Ray Burst occur?

The Gierthorpe Gamma-ray burst was a gamma-ray burst in the constellation of Vela, occurring around May 31, 1970.
For those who are not in the know, there is a hypothesis that the universe is “expanding.”
This is the idea that the universe is continually expanding.
The Gierthorpe Gamma-ray burst, then, would occur in a galaxy located in the same universe in which we live.
I assume that there is a list of galaxies in our universe.
Thus, is there a list of galaxies in which the Gierthorpe Gamma-ray burst occurred?


There is no set list of galaxies that would have the Gierthorpe (1970) GRB. You’ll have to go by yourself:

Search for GRB objects in the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) and optionally for Gierthorpe GRB by Gierthorpe.
You can get a list of GRBs in NED under description (there is no search field for the GRB year), and choose “GRB with single instrument only” for the Search Criteria.
Find Vela or Crab for the referential observation (this is a galactic object, so for the best result you can try planets, stars,…).

For the reference object, the Gierthorpe (1970) is GRB 980329.
For the referential observation, you can try to find the GRB in this reference object.

NB: In the original paper, GRB (grantorbfriedman) was a reference to the names of the people who made the discovery. Here, GRB is the location (e.g. Vela) of the referential observation.

If you find more than one GRB in the referential observation, you can report the closer one.

EDIT: If you get a list of references of GRBs occurring in Vela (e.g. 1 or 2), you can try to find the closest reference to the GRB (in galactic coordinates) in the list. The result will depend a lot on the precision of the positions in the NED database.
Assuming that you find a reference at galactic coordinates $(l,b)=(40.432568,

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i5-2300 6 core or above
Hard Disk Space: 2GB
Permissions: Administrator
Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only, not legal advice. The content of this guide is not considered legal advice or legal reasoning. If you use any of the information from this guide, make sure you consult a lawyer before making any changes.
How to access the Text property of a C# generated control in

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