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Photoshop Creative Cloud 2015.1 (Windows 32-bit)









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Managing windows

Figure 2-3 shows a sample of the Photoshop windows you can use to create and enhance images. See the earlier section “Exploring Photoshop’s windows” to find out more about the main Photoshop windows, including the Image and Channels panels, the Layers panel, and the Toolbox window. You can also use the Windows menu to display another window, such as the History, Find, and the Ruler windows.

Figure 2-3. The menus and windows within the program enable you to quickly manipulate images. Each tab describes the function of a type of window.

You can click the Close button in the upper-right corner of a window to close it. However, if you want to adjust the size, you must close the window first. You can also use the Windows menu to display another window, such as the History, Find, or Ruler window.

The following sections show you how to use Photoshop’s main windows to edit your images.

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We offer a brief comparison of the two software packages to help you decide what you want out of the experience.


Starting with version 16, Photoshop Elements has been discontinued and can no longer be downloaded from the official website. Only alternative software packages are available.

Table of Contents

Download Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for all Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux operating systems.

Downloading Photoshop Elements is very straightforward and easy.

Using Photoshop Elements

The main screen of Photoshop Elements opens like this:

The workspace is organized in four panels:

Layers panel

The Layers panel can be called from the View menu. Clicking the Layers button opens the Layers panel and highlights the currently selected layer.

The Layers panel can be displayed in full-screen mode. In full-screen mode you can manipulate the layers with a lot of freedom, but you cannot view the Layers panel while the other panels are open. To close the Layers panel, open the Layer Options dialog box.

The Layers panel also contains the Image Editor menu, which opens the following menu:

Color palette: The color palette has a lot of additional options, including the following:

Hue Saturation Contrast Level Wheel I Levels II Levels

This panel contains the following options:

The Menu Panel: The Menu panel contains a selection of menus that lets you access the following options:

You can also use the Functions panel.

Functions: The Functions panel consists of the following options:

You can access the above options by clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner of the workspace.

Slideshow panel: The Slideshow panel makes it possible for you to insert custom slideshows in your images.

The Slideshow panel consists of the following options:

The Layer panel: The Layer panel shows the current layer. Here you can select the visibility of the layer using the Visibility drop-down menu. The selection includes the following options:

Layers: Toggle layer visibility.

Filter: The Filter pane allows you to choose the type of layer effects (solid, multiply, screen, darken, lighten, sharpen, etc.).

Layer: The Layer menu opens a panel that lets you select the Layers panel.

Batch: The Batch menu lets you batch-process files

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