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Whether or not you use Photoshop, understanding the basics of raster images and layers is a good way to get started in the digital editing world.

What Is a Raster Image?

Photoshop works with raster images — those square or rectangular images that you see on your computer screen. Raster images are created and manipulated using pixels (picture elements, or pixels), which are the small picture elements on an LCD or computer monitor that can be interpreted by the human eye.

Note that you don’t need to know how the pixels are put together to use Photoshop. Understanding the basics of raster images and pixel manipulation is the best way to approach this program.

You can see the exact relationship between a pixel and a byte, a primitive unit of information stored in computers and used to create and manipulate the images. The relationship is 1 to 1:1 — 1 pixel equals 1 byte, and that’s what makes raster images perfect for any kind of image manipulation. Figure 3-1 shows a pixel versus a byte.

**Figure 3-1:** Raster images are composed of pixels.

Raster images are square or rectangular in shape because they’re composed of a series of pixels that are square or rectangular. Figure 3-2 shows the pixels used to create the image in Figure 3-1.

**Figure 3-2:** Each pixel is composed of 1 byte of data.

Raster images can contain any number of pixels, so a 1024 x 1024 pixel image would have 1024 bytes of data for every single pixel. However, Photoshop can’t accept more than 64,000 bytes of data at one time in any one file. The base limit is a 64,000-pixel square image.

Considering computer video

Sometimes you can see as many as 300,000 pixels on a screen at any given moment. When you’re using Photoshop, you’re dealing in the world of raster images, which are square or rectangular. And Photoshop isn’t any faster in being able to manipulate the pixels of an image at a higher resolution than the individual pixels that compose the image, just as a computer can’t do any better when running on software that processes a larger number of individual bytes.

You can create high-resolution raster images in Photoshop, but you have to use the program with a high resolution monitor to see the images. Resolution refers to the number of pixels your monitor can display in an image. The larger the resolution of your monitor, the

Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop Express is an application that lets you share and organize your photos on a mobile device. You can choose to view it from a home screen, app tray or lock screen. Users can edit photos, create collages, create and share beautiful videos, apply effects, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a Lightweight digital photo retouching program for photographers and designers who use desktop computers to edit their photos. It is designed to help you organize, edit, and correct your digital photographs while retaining maximum image quality. It provides a tremendous amount of control over the way you edit your images.

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What’s New in the Photoshop CS5?


g++ linking error: ‘MLMPMath.i’ is not a legitimate object file

I have a simple MPI program, implemented in C++ that prints the rank of each process in it’s first line of code. The C++ code is included in a C file called MLMPMath.c which I compiled using g++ MLMPMath.c -o MLMPMath -g. I have turned on MPI support in my system using -fopenmp (just for experimentation).
Then I have a simple C++ test file:
#include “MLMPMath.h”

using namespace std;
using namespace MLMPMath;

int main()

return 0;

I compile using g++ -fopenmp -c MLMPMath.i which gives me the following error:
MLMPMath.i:8:19: error: ‘MLMPMath.i’ is not a legitimate object file
MLMPMath.i: In function ‘int main()’:
MLMPMath.i:15:13: error: static assertion failed: (MPI::MPI_Initialized) == (MPI_Init(NULL, 0, MPI_COMM_WORLD) == MPI_SUCCESS)

I have no idea what this means. I have tested it on my machine and it has the same problem. How to go about fixing this? I have already read this thread, but no answer seems to be of help to me.


You should try to compile and run the test suite.
The test suite can be found in the directory at the root of the source tree.
Each test runs a bunch of small example programs.
If you run mpiexec -f script.x./test -N my_program, then it will run the my_program test.

The relevant line in is just g++ -o x.out main.c. The call to mpiexec is a little bit more complex:
mpiexec -f script.x./test -N

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