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The Adobe Companion The Adobe Companion software (available from Adobe) is also one of the best ways to find fonts that you can use in your images. Adobe Companion enables you to create and edit text, combine text with graphics, and make any file a graphic file. Its interface is simple and its features are easy to use.

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Key features of Photoshop Elements 11: Fast, effective editing tools More intuitive and complete editing tools Lightroom integration for efficient workflow Simplified and faster layer editing Easier masking, painting, blending and adjustment tools More intuitive selection tools Better organization Full support for Adobe’s newest features such as Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Adobe Lens Correction and Adobe Blend Working with RAW files (PSD and TIFF, both lossless and up to 12.2 MB per image) Fullscreen editing Resolution up to 10 000×10 000 Provides opportunities to explore, play, experiment and create Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is available for Mac and Windows platforms.Memes At Work. Memes are an excellent way to reach your audience with ideas and get their attention with a humor. Considered by many as a whole new form of media communication, memes are gaining in popularity and have become an integral part of online communication. Also, they are becoming a common tool for advertisers to help achieve their marketing objectives. Among the most successful memes are those that are completely unrelated to the product or brand, and that contribute to the brand by providing a fun factor and a sense of community. You can find many free tools for creating, sharing and finding memes online, even more than a decade ago, when it was all done with hand-made posters on the walls and using hand-held camera. However, if you’re looking to make your own campaigns more effective, professional tools can boost your results. How to create a Meme Most of the time, it’s enough to just paste the image with captions into a new post. But how can you make sure that your message is getting through? You can add buttons, links or even change the caption to fit the niche of your subject. Here are some good examples from across the web of what can be done with memes: An Indian carmaker hired $20,000 in Facebook ads to promote a video ad for its car. It was a hilarious 30-second ad, which showcased various funny situations, while showing people reacting to a TV-like screen, where some spoke about the car. The company says the campaign managed to reach more than 1 million people. Video Mobile campaigns B 05a79cecff

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An artist made this painting, here’s the original unfinished process of the original sketch: (Do you recognize the Half-Ogre from The Mummy movie? That’s great!) Ok, so once you make your sketch from the Half-Ogre, here’s the next step: A lot of people add a lot of texture and maybe some shading. I did pretty well, because the Half-Ogre isn’t that dark in a first place. Here’s my sketch: Ok, moving on with the face: I actually started to add some more details to the eyes, nose and mouth: Next I started to add a lot of details to the clothing. I’m not 100% happy with the result so I took some reference photos (from the computer game Left 4 Dead): Here it is: I tried to paint on a background that would be more fitting for the Half-Ogre. My artistic process was to use a lot of quick strokes. I’m not sure if I was 100% successful, but I can’t focus on it right now. But I also put a little bit of details on the joints to have more contrast between the dark skin and the lighter skin. I like to blend the light and dark parts together without a lot of spots. Of course, I could have used more very dark spots. Finally, I made some more shading on the face with my new program called Make it Raw. After that, here’s the little character without any coloring: If you’re interested in more process, here you go: I’ll probably add a few more pictures soon, so stay tuned! -Erik The original sketch had a few glitches which made me re-copy it, you can see the copy version here. The most important thing, even if the quality isn’t the best, is to keep on drawing every day and keeping the sketch and lineart. Those are the basic steps. Once you’re not in beginner stage, you’ll be surprised how fast you can finish one drawing, with all the knowledge you’ve got.RELATED ARTICLES Related Articles Related Galleries Related Videos Related Podcasts TROLL WASTELAND The Troll Forest, an area of 60 miles of road in the Wiegersdorp area of the North West province of South Africa, is

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(1) Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1, or 10 (2) 2GB of RAM (3) 575MHz CPU or better (1) Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1, or 10 (2) 2GB of RAM (3) 575MHz CPU or better Key Features: Awarded Game of the Year: “The Studio of the Year.” All-In-One Console: Wrap your favorite gaming console in a beautiful, ultra-compact PC. Connect it to

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