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Predatohm [March-2022] 🕴







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Both aggressive and clean your mix going through the overdrive will be considerably improved. The presets are all clearly marked, therefore you can quickly switch between the presets and modify the parameters.
The design is quite simple: The VU meter and the processed audio stream is displayed on the right side. On the left side, you can choose from 8 different presets, which have been selected according to their sonic impact. In addition, you can modify the parameters for each preset directly.
There are even more than 50 presets at your disposal so you can always create a personal sound that fits perfectly your sounds and style.
All settings, presets and those that can be modified are clearly displayed and synchronized to the audio output. VU meter and VU control are equipped.
Using iZotope’s Very creative audio processing, Predatohm perfectly goes up against the most demanding masters and is able to yield a pleasant result in almost all cases.
For those who prefer to create their own presets, Predatohm has more than 50 presets at your disposal.
In addition, Predatohm also offers more than 7 bands for each of the preset types.
Using this technique you can predefine just the parameters you like most for each preset. As a result, you can easily modify the effect or even create your own custom preset.
The presets in Predatohm are implemented very well, so you can get an optimal result in a short amount of time.
Presets in the demo:
Live 2: Hand crafted and optimized presets for the first three bands. For example, you can adjust values for the 10 band limiter.
Super 2: Harsh and robust preset for the 4th band.
Metro 2: Tough and aggressive preset for the 5th band.
House 3: Crafted and optimized presets for the 6th band.
G-iPod: Inspired by the famous iZotope HP21 with the preset for the bass band.
Handcraft: Hand crafted preset for the 7th band.
Boost: All-round preset for the 8th band.
Pioneer: This first preset is the original preset.
The eighth band is actually a template which allows you to quickly create your own preset by combining with two more presets.
The options offered by Predatohm are simply impressive and allow you to gain valuable experience as you use the plugin.
This is one of the most important functions for me personally, as it allows you to create custom presets.
I also like

Predatohm [Latest 2022]

– Add vintage distortion to your tracks
– Blend distortion at your style
– Make distort different
– Add a great sound to your tracks
– Add overdrive to your tracks
– Use this band to kick, slap or dub
– Use it as a single band boost or filter
– Use it as a multi effect
– 8 bit, 16 bit and 24 bit samples in 16 kHz
– VCV Rack v1.0.0+
– Free to use

Mekons is a VST plugin for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. This is just a wrapper for an open source synth based on MaxMSP and some objects.
– Text and knobs display on screen
– Headless mode
– Built-in sequencer
– Modular arpeggiator
– Recorders from presets
– Preset export
-…and more
Open source:
– C++ code
– all the javascript code
– Valid MaxMSP 5.X
– Valid VST 3.1+ (tested on Windows 7)
– Valid DAW plugins (tested on Windows 7)
– MaxMSP 5.7 or higher
– windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– C++ compiler (installed at c:\windows)
– Download the installation files
– Start MaxMSP (
– Add to the plugins folder of the MaxMSP (Plugins>Add New)
– Load the plugin with Load(“Mekons”, “arpeggi”)
– Install the plugin if you get a “Plugin [MaxMSP] is already loaded” error
-… and have fun

Do you like the classic 80/90’s space age synth sounds? Do you like it when modern music sounds like it was recorded during the 80/90’s space age synth sounds? Then this FX sound should be your go to plugin for VRK’s Analogue Torus.

Hi Guys,
I recently bought some new plugins and i was testing a friend’s sc-01 with some samples from my library.
I then thought of starting a little projects with them, which require synthesizer sounds, analog and vintage. This is a first try for me, but i hope you’ll enjoy it too. It’s


– for those that want to start producing guitar styles with an ‘in your face’ sound.
– a very smart and elegant overdrive.
– can save your presets for future use (optional)
– 2 controls:
– the volume(red knob)
– the BAND (use the green knob to select from 4 bands:
– Bass.
– Treble.
– Heavy.
– W/O)
– BAND X -for the BOOSTER – to control the boosting effect (optional)
– 3 RANGE X – to control the output range(2L/3L/4L) (optional)
– 3 VELOCITY X – to control the speed(low/mid/high) (optional)
– VELOCITY X/Y – for controlling the velocity(low/mid/high) (optional)
– 2 HIGH FREQUENCY X – to control the high frequency cut(off/on) (optional)
– 2 JUMP X – to control the amount of rise in frequency(low/high) (optional)
– 4 ATTACK X – to control the attack(slow/fast) (optional)
– 2 DECAY X – to control the decay(slow/fast) (optional)
– 3 DECAY X/Y – to control the decay period(low/high) (optional)
– 3 WAVE X/Y – to control the sustain(fast/slow) (optional)
– 3 REFRESH X/Y – to control the line-out(fast/slow) (optional)
– 3 REVERB X/Y – to control the reverb(low/high) (optional)
– 8 PRESET X -for the preset effect (optional)
– HAPTIC X -control the feedback(on/off) (optional)
– 2 CONTROL RUMBLE – an additional ouput control and a small bit of noise for extra gritty sounds
Predatohm Requirements:
– an udio that is able to drive a clean signal for 2.5ms
– a compressor and/or a limiter

48 Free VSTs

Plug-ins directly available from the marketplace

With more than 1000 presets (soundbanks) for synthesis and audio editing

24GB of sounddata ready to edit

120K+ sequencers (Soundfonts, Samples and Generators) for synthesizers

What’s New in the?

Heavy, deep and warm it provides up to 13 distortion effects in one VST effect.
Harmonic engine: up to 13 distortion types.
Regen: the newly added Regen mode gives you the power to shape your own distortion noises.
Precise control of voltage: two gain controls with 13dB steps and one gain shaping control with a fast and precise 9 position.
A high-quality distortion with on-off control: use the boost button to add a touch of distortion.
A low-frequency roll-off filter: you can get a deep sound with much more depth and warmth from a clean sound.

The plug-in contains a pre-defined folder for all your guitar and synth presets.
If you prefer to create your own presets, the player will add a folder to your Default Presets folder when you start using the plug-in.
The Default Presets folder is located at:
In the Pre-Recording and Pre-MIDI Presets folders are all the presets you’ve created
VSTi plug-in Installer Windows
This plug-in has been created for use with VST Plugin-Packs using the Computer version of the free AUDAvox Audio Unit driver and is compatible with AU (32-bit and 64-bit).
The plug-in is also compatible with the following players:

PuTTY for W32:

Note: You don’t need to have the Audio Unit driver installed if you run the plug-in with the Win32 version of the plug-in.

Loop Plant is a 4 band multi-effect pedal, inspired by the classic 70s, 80s, and 90s overdrive pedals from the classic guitar amps of those decades.
With Loop Plant you can record loops of notes, chords, guitar riffs, vocal songs, or edit and re-arrange your own sounds.
Loop Plant will you send back to where you need it to after a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5-3370K
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 770
Storage: 128 GB available space
Additional Notes:
All testing is performed on a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
Media: PAK | 755 MB
– V1.0.0.0:

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