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Designed to provide a comprehensive audio editing toolbox, ReSample can analyze and alter different types of audio files. With a stylish and very well-organized interface, it delivers a carefully-thought set of features that concur to enhance the way your songs sound. A waveform viewer and quick content altering for the input audio files Most of the main window is occupied by the waveform viewer. You start by opening a file or creating a new one, with a custom sample rate, bit depth, and number of channels. Thanks to the built-in audio player, you can listen to a song before and after modifications are made. What is interesting is that ReSample enables you to operate any changes directly on the waveform of the audio file. One of the most frequent tasks is to remove unneeded content, such as ads, from the song. You can achieve this by selecting the desired section and using the dedicated options in the context menu. It's also possible to add new content to a song, all thanks to the built-in audio recorder. Just click on the area where you want the recorder to start, press the 'Record' button and use the microphone to capture sound and place it directly within the waveform. A desirable tool collection for audio processing One of the highlights of ReSample stands in the generous collection of audio processing tools. It allows sample rate/depth conversion, audio normalization and features amplification and fading tools. Thanks to the integrated equalizer, you can experiment with different parameters to decide which configuration is the best. To make things easier, ReSample comes with a set of presets you can use if you don't want to put yourself to the trouble of creating a custom one. ReSample allows multiband compression, and delivers pitch correction, quick voice removal, and noise reduction. Also, it features a built-in oscilloscope, a spectrum viewer, a loudness meter, and a phasescope. Your own personal audio processing studio The powerful audio processors of ReSample are among its strong points. Along with a modern-looking GUI and comprehensive options, ReSample delivers exactly what it promises: a versatile mixing and editing application that can easily pass as a home audio studio.







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If you are a professional musician, you may be used to spending half of your time working on your songs as a musician, and the other half editing your songs in the software of your choice. For many people, working with audio is the most efficient way to make music. The problem is that you do not have to do everything yourself. In the music industry, a lot of equipment is used to enhance the performance of a singer, and you know that the things you may use as a home toolbox are limited. You also know that the solutions you may find are just not optimized for personal use. With this said, ReSample has been designed to turn the idea of personal audio editing into a reality. The application is based on the music industry standards for editing purposes, and delivers precisely what it promises: a unique editing toolset that is cross-compatible with all major audio programs. ReSample comes with a free version that can be downloaded today, and a paid version that is available for purchase via our website. ReSample is a simple tool designed to make the editing process of your audio files into a personal experience. ReSample Features: Main Features A waveform viewer with zoom and pan Quick content altering for the input audio file A set of main options to choose from Instant preview of all changes you make The ability to apply any change directly on the waveform of the audio file A powerful and highly-optimized tools collection to tweak your audio files Loudness meter Phasescope Spectrum viewer Equalizer with presets and options Multiband compression Compression with curve adjustment Dedicated options for cut, fade in/out, and a bunch of effects Cross-platform: Windows and Mac support Key Features Waveform Viewer Quietly change the settings of your input audio file and apply the modifications directly to the waveform. There are dedicated options for cut, fade in/out, and a bunch of effects. Just select the output waveform and use the associated choices to modify the song audio in a matter of clicks. Multiband Compression Multiband compression is a powerful tool to change the audio content in parts or in the total file. You can easily set the compression type, magnitude and

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Introducing ReSample, a sound editor specialized in audio analysis and audio processing. It consists of a waveform viewer and two main windows, the latter including tools for audio processing, audio instrument and records. The main windows are divided into two panels: Waveform Viewer and Tools. In the Waveform Viewer you can play and edit any audio file and save it directly into the Scratch File Editor (SFE) file format without using any specific record; you can also select a sampling rate for the waveform files to be exported and use a folder for your imported audio files. In the Tools panel you can process the audio files by using a collection of editing tools that you can add or remove directly from the SFE files. ReSample allows you to mix, adjust, amplify, fade, remove, loop and apply effects to your audio files. Using Scratch Filters for audio processing. ReSample uses custom Scratch Filters for audio processing which allows you to do things like: – Analysis of audio files. – Select and analyze a custom frequency range to do a spectrum analysis. – Enhance the volume and reduce the noise by changing the spectrum. – Apply a custom range of volumes and change the spectrum graph. – Create a customized equalizer. – Fade in/out music or voice. – Fade in/out audio files or audio with the possibility to apply a fade to a single sample or to a part of the file. – Get current frequency and phase for the selected frequency range. – And much more. Also, ReSample provides a collection of built-in Scratch filters which allow you to easily get the volume of your audio files, fade in/out files, remove noise, reduce the echo, and much more. The built-in filters are very useful for this kind of tasks and can be very handy to just about anybody. Sound mixer and recorder. ReSample has the ability to record your audio files using the built-in audio player or you can use your microphone as input to record audio directly into the selected audio files. Once the recording has finished, press the REC button and the resulting audio file will be automatically imported to the waveform viewer. This means that you can make changes directly on the waveform of your audio file and play again. ReSample has some interesting features to help you achieve a better result. One of the interesting features of ReSample is the possibility to record the audio content during the editing process 91bb86ccfa

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✔ Use Audio Editing and Playback ✔ Create Audio Sequences ✔ Re-Sample, Compress, Convert ✔ Waveform Viewer ✔ Audio Processing ✔ Audio Recorder and Converter ✔ Gain, Multiband Compression, Loudness ✔ Mix, Pan, Mute, Volume, Balance ✔ Oscilloscope ✔ Spectrum Viewer ✔ Pitch Bend ✔ Reverb, Echo ✔ Noise Reducer, Voice Remover The ReSample main window Edit Edit Once you start a new file, the ReSample main window will open. When the file opens, it will display the waveform and the audio. The tabs found on the ReSample main window Edit Edit The tabs found on the main window Edit Edit are as follows: Sound File The sound file is the starting point of the editing process. You start it by choosing a custom audio file or using the Audio Recorder. Once a new file is started, it will appear on the audio source monitor. The Waveform Viewer can be used to visualize and experiment with the sample content. Waveform The waveform is what ReSample uses to get information on the sample content. ReSample enables you to make alterations to your sample content directly from the waveform area. This way, it takes less time to get the desired results and you can edit more quickly. The waveform is divided in two: The audio content that can be modified and the sample envelope. The waveform can only be seen once the audio content has been selected. Audio Recorder The Audio Recorder is a portable audio recording tool that will enable you to record an audio file. This tool will create a new sample in the currently active waveform. ReSample will open a new file with the same sample rate and bit depth, the same number of channels, and the same program configuration as the one selected in the Sound File tab. Audio Player The Audio Player is a powerful audio player with the ability to play a file and record audio. If the file selected in the Sound File tab is a WAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, or AAC file, the Audio Player will automatically open the file. For other file types, an external application will be needed. Once a file is selected, you will have to choose the desired track in the waveform to listen to it. The Audio Player will record the audio once you choose to Start recording. You will

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The idea behind ReSample is to provide a comprehensive audio editing toolbox. With a stylish and very well-organized interface, it delivers a carefully-thought set of features that concur to enhance the way your songs sound. One of the most frequent tasks is to remove unneeded content from audio files, and here is where ReSample really shines. After you select the desired section, you can remove ads, ads, or just cut useless parts for a more organized song. It’s also possible to modify parameters like sample rate, bit depth and number of channels. Finally, thanks to the built-in audio player, you can listen to the original version and the modified song simultaneously. ReSample is available for Windows (XP and above), Mac OS and Linux. ReSample features: – Compare different audio files by using the built-in audio player. Listen to the original version before and after modifications. – Powerful audio editor: Easily cut off and add content to audio files. – Multiband compression and pitch correction for advanced audio editing. – Audio normalization and amplification/fading for various applications. – Powerful effects for any kind of audio processing. – Built-in oscilloscope and spectrogram for troubleshooting and audio analysis. – Loudness meter for audio normalization. – Phasescope for audio phase correction. – Built-in equalizer with presets. – Online and offline voice removing, with the option of recording you on microphone. – Real-time audio waveform for audio comparison. – Multicore support for high performance. – Split multiline text files, renaming and deleting parts. – File organization, preview and creation of custom presets. – Undo and Redo history for greater speed. – Multiple audio streams support. – Multiple output files for better results. – Option of saving the project of modified audio. – Dual screen for visual feedback and results. – Project management to easily save and restore the project. – Track markers for managing audio streams. – Multiple output files to save the results. – File manager for customizing preferences. – Other features: Tempo marking, audio gain adjustments, and more. ReSample was created by users who are looking for a powerful but easy-to-use audio editing software. Similar Software shot * ReSample, * Audio-Acoustic, * Audio Wizzard, * Audio Crusher, * Avconv, * Automagic * Sound

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Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz or faster 8 GB RAM 20 GB available disk space Recommended Requirements: Intel Core i7 4.2 GHz or faster 16 GB RAM 40 GB available disk space Release Notes: Fixed collision issue with R-2 tank turret Fixed an issue where the mini map could not be disabled New features: New icon theme: Iris New map: Madmono

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