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Do you have what it takes?Brett Kavanaugh’s brother and his step-father are among people who used President Trump’s cellphone to look at porn, one of three friends he told about a “bruised look” on someone else’s face in which “the ‘B’ could be a penis,” according to a new book by Ronan Farrow.

Farrow, the former New Yorker reporter who wrote the book about the sexual misconduct allegations against Trump’s now-former staff secretary and confidant, made the claims in his new book on Thursday that is set to be released Oct. 9.

According to the allegations, Matt Whitaker, the interim U.S. attorney general who Kavanaugh has called a dear friend, used to visit the high-profile judge to look at porn on Trump’s phone.

Brett Kavanaugh’s brother, right, is seen with Bob Corker, who has introduced Kavanaugh to Trump, left. The book says Corker’s step-father used the president’s phone to look at porn, left, and that Kavanaugh mentioned a bruised look on someone else’s face in which ‘the ‘B’ could be a penis, right

Kavanaugh’s friends Bobby and Dan Chesney, seen in a file photo, denied the claims in a statement. They said they visited Kavanaugh in his small Connecticut town more than a decade ago and had not seen him since

Farrow wrote that Kavanaugh’s friends Dan and Bobby Chesney—who the book says are brothers, although the book does not say so—had seen Trump on his phone about a year prior to his confirmation.

‘Bobby and Dan used to visit Kavanaugh in his home town of Bethesda, Maryland, to hang out, crack jokes, and drink beer,’ the book says. ‘They were former ski instructors and spent a lot of time talking about sports. It was their last week in the apartment before the two brothers moved into their new home in Chevy Chase.’

Farrow said that the one-time trip to watch Trump’s phone was the only time the Chesneys had seen the justice.

Kavanaugh and his friends spoke about the president’s ‘bruised look’ face, in which the ‘B’ could be a penis. Farrow wrote that the ‘bruised look’ was used as a reference for calling someone either ‘joking’ or ‘threatening.’

But the book says Kavanaugh’s brother and step-father have used the

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I checked in frontend with console.log and it shows that when i open the dashboard i get an error saying
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So what is wrong in my code.


The error message itself clearly says that you have a issue in the first line of code. Check if the variable resource has a value.
Hope it helps!


Cache not being set, using node-pre-gyp. Build fails with UnsatisfiedLinkError

I’ve been trying to run the example of node-pre-gyp, but I’m getting an UnsatisfiedLinkError when I try to set the ‘cache_dir’ parameter of the pre-build hook. I can set the cache_dir and run the build successfully in the Node 6.11.x image, and all builds in the Docker image work fine using node 8.11.x, so I know that I’m at least able to set the cache directory and execute the build.
I’ve built node-pre-gyp myself from source in the past, but I haven’t built it recently, and I’m not sure where to check for differences. The build

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