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This is the second video of the Vid-Lond review. There are many problems with the video overall but we were not able to find a solution. So, in this episode we will discuss the problems with the video in detail.

Vid-Lond Review :

When it comes to technology, Vid-Lond has been very good at getting things wrong. And despite the fact that the company understands the nature of the Internet, Vid-Lond is yet to understand the nature of cgi. And it appears that this is getting worse by the month.

From the look of the Vid-Lond website, it looks like the Vid-Lond web is a piece of crap. And it is a copy of the website of, which is the same. You will also find the Vid-Lond editorial team making the same mistakes as they do on

If you visit the Vid-Lond website, you will find a very bad cgi. And it has the exact same layout of the website. If you are thinking that is not that bad, you are not right. is terrible, but Vid-Lond is a hundred times worse.

The Vid-Lond website is very bad. You will find an inconsistency in the spacing of the text. Images are very laggy and the font sizes are very big.

Vid-Lond has several problems that make it un-watchable. Let’s discuss them one by one.

CGIs are not created by cutting and pasting

The Vid-Lond website is absolutely terrible in terms of cgi. Look at the banner, it is really bad. The banner was made using the banner generator and is a copy of a banner from The banner was also generated by using’s cgi.

Every single cgi on the website is made using cgi. All the images, the banner, the buttons, everything. The Vid-Lond website contains numerous CGIs. You can find many CGIs on different pages. A dropdown menu contains a CGI. You can find all these CGIs on the Product’s list page.

How does the Vid-Lond website get these CGIs? The company employs people who make the content for its website. You can see the

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07-06 12:51 AM

Some person has got some good points about US immigration. I agree, if some Americans want to go to Mexico to get a day of rest or a good holiday or just to be in Mexico. That is a different story. I think others (US citizens) are viewing this situation under a completely different point of view. That is why I believe some people feel they are being judged/racized for doing the same.


michael nelson

05-10 08:43 PM

The guy is illegal for work in US. It is actually something just like someone on H-1B visit has a Green card and can work in US.

I found many of these people are not being listened. Please ask people on your mailing list to reply to the Requests for Comment every week. This is a good way to improve community status and prevent this issue from being ignored.

Thank you and stay optimistic.

PS: I am bit confuse now. I have never believe that the 65K rule to be applied.

Send the changes to the request email address and give us a chance to get the mail!!! We will see how it will work out!!

I think the idea is to extend the period so as to prevent the medical issues from occurring in the future.

In the submitted to me, please make it clear that you are in the process of extending the current FPI provision.

Thank you.


09-22 09:25 AM

I have been here since 2004, I’m obviously not going to raise the issue with USCIS as it’s a political issue and I’m not well connected with the politicians. That being said I’m interested in finding out if it’s possible to have a CIS’status’ be extended for say a year, so I can serve my Social Security, insurance, Medicare etc.. That was my point – why do we have to be in this limbo for 10 years, it’s a bit ridiculous.

I don’t think it’s possible. The whole idea behind the FPI clause is to give an amnesty to all of the people who came here as illegal aliens. Obviously the USCIS will only extend that to the people who have a Green Card, or are legal aliens from Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. Unfortunately, for many people, that takes 10 years, 10 years of living in

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