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SRS.Audio.Sandbox.v1. Keygen ~UPD~

SRS.Audio.Sandbox.v1. Keygen ~UPD~


SRS.Audio.Sandbox.v1. Keygen

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We agree with the district court that Milano has not met this burden. First, the County neither challenged the district court’s finding that the liens are valid nor questioned the court’s conclusions that it has an interest in the property. Second, there is no question that the court’s order was not qualified to the extent it requires the County to accept and pay any disputed sums. The court did not dispute the validity of the liens or determine the amounts that the debtors owed to the County. Third, the court’s order has nothing to say about the effect of the county tax liens on the validity of the mortgage debtors’ mortgage. We conclude that, whether the district court’s order is modified to the extent urged by the debtor, the balance of its order makes no change in the debtor’s rights under her mortgage. We therefore affirm.

HEANEY, Circuit Judge, dissenting.

I respectfully dissent. Because the mortgage was discharged, Milano is not entitled to proceed against the real property. Moreover, there is no evidence that the tax lien would impair an otherwise valid mortgage. If Milano were to attempt to foreclose on the property, the only other interested party would be the county, which had no knowledge of the discharge order. The requirement that the county redeem the property before it could be foreclosed on was meaningless to the county in this instance.

In light of the undisputed evidence that a mortgage was executed and delivered prior to the recording of the tax lien, and that the county did not redeem the property after being put on notice of the discharge order, I believe that this case should be remanded to the district court so that the court may issue a new foreclosure order in accordance with Nebraska law.

THE HONORABLE RICHARD H. KYLE, United States District Judge for the District of Minnesota, sitting by designation

The Honorable Richard G. Kopf, United States District

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