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STARS is an acronym for “Staff Training and Records System”, providing an efficient manner to keep track of the training programs employees in a company are attending, have forwarded requests for or are already registered in. Relying on Microsoft Access, the application features a ribbon Office-like interface, where all the options are displayed in the top tabs, one click away. Organizations can use STARS to keep track of present, past and future training records. The application makes it possible for the responsible training department to arrange courses and create a list of attendance employees can apply for. Keep track of courses and trainers  STARS enables users to manage locations and departments in the company, as well as grades, teams and the roles of all the staff members. Additional employee details can also be stored in the STARS database, along with the list of managers and supervisors for each department. The training department can use STARS to register new courses employees can attend, keeping close track of training suppliers and trainers as well. It records courses’ validity period, their aims and objectives, creating a comprehensive list for all the staff to read. Builds up a  job training matrix  Based on the records in the data tables and the course tables, STARS can help users create a job training matrix for each grade. Managers can build up lists of courses that are mandatory to a certain grade and add new attendees for each course. This way, all the details about training sessions is immediately available and easy to keep updated. One interesting feature in STARS is the possibility to automate course attendance requests. For instance, a first aid course that becomes available might trigger STARS to request all the staff to attend it. Employee training management program  An application such as STARS can be efficiently used in many organizations that have a strong employee training policy. It comes with many features that can be exploited to enhance productivity when managing courses and training sessions for a company’s staff members. Working with it is quite easy but it is true that the Access-based interface might not appeal to some. Overall, it is a good staff training management tool that can be of help to many companies.







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This application is fully localized in both English and Arabic languages. The application is a tool that is being used by many educational organizations. Software that combines these features: Software reviews are written to help you find the best software for your needs based on: your needs the market and its demands our in-house expert recommendations So what do we review? Software for the products that we sell, for the use that we offer, for the problems we face and for the solutions we propose. Which software do we review? A house always needs some tools, right? Home office, car repair, furniture assembly, kitchen remodel, and so on. So why have we decided to create this website? Started in 1989 as a catalog of software, it’s now a site where you can find information about software and pay bills related to our services. How many reviews do we write? You can’t find all the applications that exist in the market. With this Web site, we make it our job to find the good ones from the bad ones and to recommend the right choice for your company’s needs. So how does this site work? The only way to find an application on this site is by reading the reviews. You can find them in easy-to-read categories, by function, by industry or by their history. For each review, you can read the conclusions drawn by our team of experts, what they like, what they don’t like, what they would have done differently, how they’d choose if they were you and so on. All this to help you make a better decision. Is the editor on this website? You won’t see him but a dedicated team takes care of what’s posted on the site. Who are we? A company specialized in the sale, installation, upgrade and administration of software. We are in the business of helping people, both individual and companies, choose the right software according to their needs. To do so, we run workshops and briefings on software, where we review the needs of the companies and their employees. We find the best solution for each participant. How can I get a quote? Fill out the quote request form in the section top right of the website or send it to us. We will get back to you as soon as we can. What else can I do on this site? Use the search form to find

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* STARS stands for Staff Training and Records System and was designed by DevExpress to help business users manage their employees’ training sessions, apply for a certain course and keep track of the courses they already attended. * It is a free multi-user database system with modern, intuitive, user-friendly interface and easy-to-handle functionality. * STARS was developed specifically to keep track of, manage and keep all company employees informed of the training they need to learn. * It keeps track of present and past training courses employees have attended and applies for, or is already registered to attend. * Over 30 fields in the system store the information about each employee and the course he is training in. * Management works easily with the system using the data tables’ easy-to-handle view options. * STARS makes it possible for the responsible training department to create a list of staff members for each course. * The training department can use STARS to register new courses staff members can attend, keeping close track of training suppliers and trainers. * STARS records courses’ validity period, their aims and objectives, creating a comprehensive list for all the staff to read. * Additional information about each employee can be stored and added to each record in the data tables. * STARS allows employees to sign up for each course they want to attend, request attendance themselves or have someone else request on their behalf. * The attendance requests can be sent automatically or manually. * All kinds of managers can use STARS to build training matrices and set up course attendance schedules. * All managers can add new staff members to their course attendance request lists and keep track of the employees’ courses in the company’s attendance register. * Tracking the attendance requests makes it possible for the managers to set up a learning/job training policy and identify necessary courses for each grade and department. * The STARS package includes a user manual and a set of help tips. Main Features: Manage course schedules, make staff attendance requests and keep track of past training courses Request and register employees for a course or a certain course slot Track courses that have already been attended Build up training matrices and course attendance schedules Track employees’ attendance, request access to courses and monitor their attendance schedule Add or modify employees in the database Add or modify departments in the database Update course schedules, send attendance requests and monitor attendance Keep track of all employees� b7e8fdf5c8

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STARS is a powerful software designed to create training courses and register attendance of employees. It enables the organization to manage courses, training programmes, supervisors and employees. It keeps records of the attendance of employees and keeps track of them.Q: How to get rows containing no element in a Spark DataFrame? I have a DataFrame with the following schema: root |– id: string (nullable = true) |– group: string (nullable = true) |– value: string (nullable = true) |– time: timestamp (nullable = true) |– other: string (nullable = true) |– reason: string (nullable = true) |– comment: string (nullable = true) I want to retain only those rows that have a value for every column, for every id. Example: ╒═══════════╤════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╕ │”id” │”group” │ ╞═══════════╪══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╡ │”f3abf9ad”│”core”

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