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Tax Services

Personal income taxes, business, and Corp. filing, to family planning financial services.

Madison Tax Services are specialists in Tax Services, both for individuals and for businesses. Serving our communities in Pinellas County and in the Tampa Bay Metro for many years, we have established ourselves as a preeminent Authorized IRS e-File Provider firm committed to the financial success of those we support.

From personal income taxes, business and Corporation filing, to family planning financial services. Email and personal services. A client can now filed income taxes via email. Madison tax service provides services that can help speed up the process of filing your taxes. Madison tax service also specializes in small business and home business tax services.

We at Madison tax service on now provide services to the fire department and sheriff and police department in the Tampa Bay area.  Schedule a time of the week where we will provide a personal agent to come to your location and fill out taxes for your employees.

Business Tax Services

Our philosophy in preparing your business tax return is to pick up where you leave off. If you are skilled at bookkeeping, you can just provide us with up-to-date books of account and we will use that information to prepare your return. Or you may just choose to bring us a box of various transaction documents. In such a case, we will summarize those transactions into books of account for use in preparing your return. Or, if you’d like to be actively involved, we can work together with you to establish your books of account.

Personal Tax Service

Prior to scheduling your appointment, we provide you with a Tax Organizer that you can use to assist you in gathering the documents necessary for the accurate completion of your return. When you come in for your appointment, one of our Authorized IRS e-File Providers will review your information and answer your questions. Your return is then prepared, reviewed and finalized. And…we will file your return electronically, for speedy turnaround, if so desired.

After the tax filing season we are available to answer any questions that may arise or to provide other services that you find beneficial. We prepare tax planning reports and projections to better help you to manage your tax situation and avoid paying in too much or too little during the year. Feel free to download some of our Tax Forms to help you.

Comprehensive Tax Services Offered

Tax Preparation
Given the complexity of tax laws, individuals greatly benefit from use of our firm to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax payment. For businesses, we can do bookkeeping updates (if needed) and file both your business and personal tax returns. We do as much or as little as you require for your unique circumstances.

Tax Planning
To minimize your tax payments, let us work with you to develop and implement a tax-saving strategy. Once implemented, you will begin to realize the significant benefits of working with a firm that has a laser-focus on deeply understanding the current tax laws and applying legal tactics that enable you to benefit financially.

Madison Tax Service tactics encompass

  • asset growth and preservation
  • income deferral
  • estate planning
  • gift-giving
  • tax deductions
  • retirement distribution management, and
  • implementing investment tax-savings.

Tax Problems Resolution
If you are currently experiencing tax problems, let us help. After resolved, we can help you plan a strategy and implement tactics to avoid any future problems.

Examples of tax problems we might assist you with include:

IRS Audit Representation:
We make sure your rights and responsibilities are adhered to and that your tax bill (if any) is minimized.Non-Filed Tax Returns: we help you come into compliance with the law by filing previously non-filed returns on your behalf, while still helping you maximize your deductions.

Non-Payment Of Taxes Owed:
We will help you if you had previously filed your return but failed to pay taxes owed, whether or not the IRS has yet to notify you of penalties due.

IRS Payment Plans:
We will work with you and the IRS to come to a payment program that minimizes penalties due, both present and future.

Innocent Spouse Relief:
If your spouse or ex-spouse has put you in an unjust situation for which you had been unaware, please contact us to work on your behalf with the IRS.

Learn more about how Madison Tax Services can assist you. Call us to today at (813) 872-9900 fill in our contact form and we will be pleased to call you.

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