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TPH Batch Printer Crack With Serial Key

The TPH Batch Printer was designed to that automate printing from the main Office applications, plus the full Adobe Acrobat. You can queue up a long list of files, and send them for print all at once.
However, the lack of native DDE support in .NET means that support will not initially be there. TPH developed this application initially for our own purposes. Realizing that this tool would be genuinely useful even for companies not in the printing business, we released a freeware program called “TPH Office Batch Printer” a few years ago.
Over the years, we’ve had many requests to customize the program for specific businesses. Perhaps the easiest way I could think of to allow people to meet that goal was to open source the program.
This is not the original version of the tool, which was built in Visual Basic 6.0. This version of the program adds some logging capabilities, but lacks the ability to control Adobe Reader that its predecessor had. The reason for this lost support is that Adobe Reader only supports DDE automation, and DDE automation is not included natively in VB.Net the way it was in earlier versions of Visual Basic.
Both the COM and DDE support that this program aims to support for PDF files are drawn from the Adobe Interapplication Communication API Reference guide. The Microsoft Office document printing is supported via the VB GetObject() call, and of course Office deeply supports automation.







TPH Batch Printer Crack Download

(previous source:
The TPH Batch Printer supports the following operation modes:
– Add Bookmark
– Check if file exists
– Check if file is not stored, print now
– Check if file is stored, print now
– Create Group
– Create job
– Delete job
– Delete group
– Delete job
– Disable group
– Disable job
– Enable group
– Enable job
– Print job
– Send job to process queue
– Submit job to process queue
– Suspend job
– Suspend group
– Suspend job
– Suspend Queue
– Suspend Queue
– Stop job
– Update job
– Update Queue
– Update Queue (by name)
– Update Queue (by job name)
– Update Queue (by number)
– Delete queue
– Delete archive log file
– List files in archive log file
– Show last page of job in queue
– Show latest archive file
– Show next group in queue
– Show next job in queue
– Show next queue
– Show next queue (by name)
– Show next queue (by job name)
– Show next queue (by number)
– Show next queue list
– Show last job in queue (job, not group)
– Show last queued job in this process
– Show last queued job in this process (by number)
– Show last queued job in this process (by number and/or name)
– Show next group in queue list
– Show next queued job list (by name)
– Show next queued job list (by job name)
– Show next queued job list (by number)
– Show next queued job list (by number and/or name)
– Show next job in queue list (by number)
– Show next job in queue list (by number and/or name)
– Show next job in queue list (by name)
– Show queue (by name)
– Show queue (by job name)
– Show queue (by number)
– Show queue (by number and/or name)
– Show queue (by name and not by number)
– Show queue (by job name and not by

TPH Batch Printer Crack+ Free Download

TPH Batch Printer provides an easy way to enable any Office application, and Adobe Acrobat to print files to multiple printers and/or the cloud. It is primarily designed for use by staff and their assistant, however, for internal customers it could be used as a print management application for internal users.
Any.htm,.ms,.pdf, or.docx files can be processed for printing and optionally redirected to any printer on your network, and optionally redirected to our cloud printing service.
Key features include:
Multiple Document Printing
– Ability to print multiple documents in one go
– A variety of methods including direct to printer,
direct to network, IP address, cloud, and file type: text, PDF, HTML, MS Word,
Microsoft PowerPoint, MS WordPad, MS Excel, MS Publisher,
Eudora, PDF, and Rich Text Format.
Direct Print To Printer
– Ability to print to any serial printer without a server
– If you don’t have a printer on your PC, you can still print using the
built-in Windows Print To: Options
– Allows direct print-to-printer use without a server
– The app will scan your computer’s available printers for enabled
printer. After that, you will be able to choose which printer to connect
when printing. All that is left is to choose which print queue to use.
Multiple Printing To The Same Printer
– Ability to print multiple documents to the same printer on a given
– PDF, MS Word and other document types supported in the process
– You can choose to print document one by one, or just to print all
available documents at once, and also to repeat printing of printed
Print To The Cloud
– Print directly to the cloud
– Print directly to any network printer or the printer of your choice
– Print directly to the cloud by printing to the cloud
*The default printing method is Cloud printing, but you can switch between
the two printing methods with the print settings
Source Code:


The Microsoft Term Paper Manager is what I would use. You can configure different policy settings for different users, different machines and different document types. A new version is available for $69.

Update for Outlook 2010 (might be for earlier versions as well):
For an inexpensive option that works without

TPH Batch Printer Crack [2022]

TPH Batch Printer was built to allow for creating and printing large amounts of files from a main Office application like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. With the Quick Print button, users can take a list of files and print them all in one shot. TPH Batch Printer gives users the ability to modify the following settings:

Email/Print Settings – These settings are used to print out email messages. The order of the items can be determined by setting the IncomingPriority, OutgoingPriority, and Draft properties. The user can also determine the maximum size of messages to be printed.
-From – This drop down list box determines the person(s) to whom the printed messages are being sent. The “Default” option is used to print to all users.
-To – The “Default” option is used to print to all recipients.
-Copy To – This is the location of the copied files.
-Recipients – This is the list of all recipients for the print job. The list of all recipient email addresses are created in the OutgoingCc and OutgoingBcc properties.
-Time Zone – This is the time zone that the message should be sent from.
-Attachments – This controls the file that is attached to the email message. The user must select the correct “SaveAsAttachment” option in the Save As dialog.
-Printer – The “Default” option prints to all printers attached to the system. If the “Select Printer” option is selected, the dialog box allows the user to select the printer to be used.
-Page Setup – This allows for page setup changes during the printing process.
-Page count – This allows the user to specify the number of pages to print.
-Total sheet size – This allows the user to specify the size of the paper, or the number of sheets to be used for the print job.
-Maximum pages – This allows the user to specify the maximum number of pages that can be included in the print job.
-Minimum pages – This allows the user to specify the minimum number of pages that should be included in the print job.
-Maximum sheet size – This allows the user to specify the maximum size of the printed paper.
-Minimum sheet size – This allows the user to specify the minimum size of the printed paper.
-Frequency – This allows the user to specify the number of seconds between page refreshings.
-Login –

What’s New In?

Combine the power of the Microsoft Office suite with the simplicity of
printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You can schedule printing from your favourite Office applications like Word
(for writing and publishing), Excel (for spreadsheets), PowerPoint
(for presentations) and Publisher (for combining images and printing
them together).
The tool lets you specify the name of the printer that will receive
documents, a queue with a certain number of files to be printed, and a
location for the printed documents.


The program is free to use. There is no charge for commercial or
private use. Please ask if you have any questions about the program.

TPH Batch Printer Licensing
This is not free software, but is released under the terms of a Free To
Use GPL v3 License. For further information see the licence.txt file.

This program is licensed for personal and business use
What version of the product have you been using previously?

We have been using it since version 1.9.0 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Is there anything in particular that isn’t working properly in the latest version?

Not that I can see.

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System Requirements:

Windows® 7/Vista/XP (32bit or 64bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @ 2.33GHz (2.8 GHz on Windows® 8) or AMD Phenom X3 805 @ 2.6 GHz (2.8 GHz on Windows® 8)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 30 GB free space
Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX 9 graphics card. Uncompromising graphics quality with higher resolutions in DirectX 9.
DirectX: Version 9.0

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