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UMatrix For Firefox Free Download For PC ✔

Most ad-blockers have simple, focused settings for disabling ads and banners while you're casually browsing the web. Unfortunately, they fail in many cases and don't allow users to look under the hood for tweaking.
If you're part of the second category, you can take a look at uMatrix, an ad blocker that gives you control over the exact types of browser objects you want to stop working, such as cookies, CSS or XHR code. It's available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera users.
Block browser requests by object type
Once the addon is integrated with Firefox (restart isn't necessary), it gets activated right away, monitoring all visited pages and blocking requests made by sites. If you click the browser icon, you can immediately spot the types of objects controlled by uMatrix: cookies, CSS, images, other media, scripts, HR, frames, and others.
Staying true to the name, the extension's layout is represented by a matrix, where the columns are represented by each object type, and the rows contain each affected domain. To allow/block a specific object on a specific domain, you only have to click the matching cell in the matrix.
Control all connections made by websites
It's also possible to activate/deactivate uMatrix for all objects on a particular domain by clicking the domain's name, and vice versa. Buttons make it easy to toggle matrix filtering for the current scope, referrer spoofing strict HTTPS, <noscript> tags spoofing, as well as to save and revert all temporary changes for the current scope.
For additional information about the blocked requests, you can head over to the logging area. Besides showing the exact time for each event, it can filter expressions.
Taking into accounts its practicality and ease of use, uMatrix is ideal for any Firefox user interested in effortlessly blocking and filtering browser requests. If you prefer even more control, though, you can try uBlock Origin.







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uMatrix is an easy-to-use Firefox extension for managing your ad blocking.
You get fine-grained control over which domains and objects the
extension blocks or allows.

What you will find in uMatrix:

Find out which sites, images, etc. are blocked or not
Whitelist or blacklist domains, sites, objects, and cookies
Use HTTP for incognito pages
User interface: Keyboard shortcut, clickable links, dropdowns, and more
Multiple profile support
Save and reload all temporary changes
Fine grained filtering: Exceptions, URL/referrer filters, and more
Proxy support
Lots of useful info and statistics
Optional $10-per-year support

uMatrix for Firefox Free Download Additional Notes:

For a better user experience, you can use uMatrix for Firefox Serial Key on a regular profile and a sandbox profile.
Firefox is obviously the browser of choice for users that want more control over their online privacy. If you need to look at some alternatives, here are two of the most popular options: Privoxy is a free and open source proxy server you can install in your operating system, while Adblock Plus is a popular and easy-to-use ad blocker.

See also
AdBlock Plus


The easiest way is to download the uMatrix extension and use it.

After installing the extension, you can immediately spot all blocked/allowed sites and objects in the main window.
Open the menu and select the site that you want to block (or allow), for example,
Click on the small menu next to the blocked site. A dialog will appear, with all allowed domains.
Select a domain you want to allow. Click on the checkmark on the right to select it.

Note that the blocked object also contains the details for why the site or object has been blocked.


About half way down this thread there’s a method using uBlock

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UMatrix For Firefox Crack + With Keygen Free Download

uMatrix is a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling the websites you visit.

uMatrix is an extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome that blocks ads and other browser requests, such as images and scripts, using simple filters, and then tracks every blocked request so you can ensure that you’re getting the best experience from the sites you visit.
uMatrix features the powerful and easy-to-use Matrix View to help you quickly navigate to which sites are making what kinds of requests and enable or disable them, just like an equalizer on music. You can set different rules for every domain name, like HTTPS, or for sites in a particular parent domain. These can be saved as presets, and used immediately when you visit a page again.
uMatrix also supports a variety of advanced filters, such as localStorage, content security policy, and access to cookies, frames and redirects.

uMatrix for Firefox Description:

uMatrix is a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling the websites you visit.

User interfaces
uMatrix is split up into three main sections, each with their own controls.

You can tell uMatrix whether or not a domain’s content is served over HTTPS (SSL/TLS) by clicking its name. Note that the filter can’t deal with different versions of SSL/TLS, like TLS 1.2 and 1.1.

Clicking a website’s name from the top right blocks requests made using CSS properties, like background or border. If your browser window isn’t large enough to show the request previews, the blocked requests are listed in the bottom panel.

Images are blocked by clicking the domain name, and by clicking it again, you can further control which images are blocked. The request type can be adjusted to “blocked from all requests” or “blocked from non-secure requests”.

uMatrix’s filter panel
Each filter needs a configuration file to define its settings, which includes a list of allowed and blocked requests.

The panel’s configuration file can be manually edited, but it’s much easier to enable filters right after installing uMatrix. To do this, you simply need to click the toolbar button “Enable” next to every filter type. It’s possible to deselect the ones you don’t want to use, to keep their settings.

For example, to allow cookies on all websites, except for those from the “subdomain” click the filter button

UMatrix For Firefox Free Download

The Firefox extension uMatrix gives you control over the exact types of browser objects you want to block, such as cookies, CSS or XHR code. It also allows you to decide which sites you want to block requests from, which is pretty handy when it comes to preventing trackers from following you.
uMatrix Configuration:
Configure the addon as you wish by right-clicking on the uMatrix icon and selecting Settings.
From there, you can choose to allow or block specific requests depending on the objects, manually or by the web address, define a custom scope, save modified settings for the current and the last selected pages, disable certain features such as the referrer spoofing strict HTTPS, or only allow secure connections.
You can also change the layout to make it easier to understand, which options are open and whether filtering is on or off for a site or domain.
This extension is great for everyone interested in ad-blocking, as it gives you all the control you need.
uBlock Origin for Chrome Description:
uBlock Origin is an ad blocker that gives you control over all browser requests, from the simplest to more complex, such as scripts, styles, scripts, images, flash, and others.
It works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera and integrates into your existing browsing workflow.
From the Chrome menu, open the menu extensions page and install the extension there.
Navigate to the Preferences section, where you can access a list of settings and basic info about the extension. You can also click on the menu on the top-right corner to browse similar extensions on the Chrome Web Store, so you can get recommendations and find new ones.
To enable uBlock Origin, go to a page you want to block and hit Ctrl+U. Once the extension is integrated, it shows up in the main toolbar and a matrix where the first column is site filtering and the second is domain filtering, or vice versa.
Click on the matrix cells to bring up more options.
To block or allow requests, just click on the cell.
You can also have an insight into what requests are made on a particular site. Simply hover over the top left corner to see a list of domains that are filtered.
When the code for the block is too extensive, you can opt for the simplified version, as this one lets you filter different objects individually. It also lets you define exceptions if needed, and to save and restore your preferences for different groups of sites.
One of uBlock’s best features

What’s New in the UMatrix For Firefox?

uMatrix is a simple and powerful JavaScript-based ad blocker and request filtering system for Firefox. It lets you easily control which and how websites can access your computer and other connected devices.
– Colorful easy to understand interface
– Widely used for blocking ads and controlling network requests
– Handle cookies, XHR, JavaScript, HTML5 and other requests separately
– Supports Firefox add-ons in an open, flexible way
– Built in IP blocking, domains blacklisting, referrer spoofing, strict HTTPS, CSP blacklist and more
– Logging for all network events
– Easy to block or allow requests from a particular domain
– Can save and revert temporary changes
– Different, customizable domain and block list sorting
– Works with any ad blocker
– Super easy, intuitive and powerful!
To get it:
Open the uMatrix folder inside Firefox and download the installer for Linux. In the “Help” menu of Firefox go to “About Firefox > Get add-ons…”. After clicking “Install Add-on from File…” select the uMatrix folder, and finally select the uMatrix.xpi file. Hit Install, then restart Firefox.
After the installation, Firefox will ask you to restart it. During the restart, it will ask you if you want to keep the saved logs. If you don’t, you can close the window. Restart Firefox again after the restart.
When Firefox is opened again, the left-hand side panel of the uMatrix menu will open automatically. Only open a website, click the button in the upper-right corner. The rest of the options will be opened in the panel, depending on the active website.
The right-hand side panel includes the main options.
Select a blocklist. Only websites matching that blocklist will be filtered.
Select the “regular expression” filter mode. For advanced users, this allows you to restrict the exact requests that are filtered.
Select the “enabled” filter mode. For advanced users, this is the one allowing you to restrict all requests (even those you never intended to) that are filtered. To block the requests, just select the checkbox beside the requests. To allow the requests, just un-check it.
Remove the active website block. Allows you to remove the active domain from the filter list.
Clear all temporary changes. Clears all the changes made for a particular website.
Block it right now!
Block website requests for a particular domain:

System Requirements:

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